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Minsk Mazowiecki. The policeman fell out of one of them, hit a tree. Preliminary research indicated that he may have taken drugs

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A police officer from Mińsk Mazowiecki was suspended from duty after causing an accident over the weekend in May. Preliminary test results indicated the presence of narcotic drugs in the body. The case is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office.

The collision took place on Monday before 8 in Mińsk Mazowiecki. – On Warszawska Street, the driver of the Mercedes lost control of the vehicle, drove to the side of the road and hit a tree – reports Marcin Zagórski, press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki. As he adds, the policeman was driving alone and was not on duty at the time. He was taken to the hospital.

– We already got the policeman’s urine test results. It turned out that it contained narcotic drugs. The prosecutor’s office was notified in this case. The possibility of criminal liability should be taken into account – he emphasizes. Whether the policeman was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident has yet to be confirmed by further research.

Disciplinary proceedings were also initiated in the case. – The policeman was suspended from the performance of his duties for three months – explains Zagórski.

And he adds that the officer has been serving in the police for six years, and is currently in the prevention division.

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The rmf24.pl portal informed about the accident on Tuesday morning.

There was also a collision on the S2 route in the picnic:

The car skidded on route S2Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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