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Norway. She cooked and gave birth to children, convicted of “participating in a terrorist organization”

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A court in Oslo on Tuesday sentenced a 30-year-old Norwegian woman from Pakistan to 3.5 years in prison for “cooking and bearing children of militants of the so-called Islamic State” in the area under their control.

– The accused went to an area controlled by terrorists, where by taking care of children and doing various household chores, she created conditions for the active participation of three husbands in hostilities. The woman was raising the next generation of recruits from the Islamic State, judge Ingmar Nestor Nilsen justified the verdict.


The 30-year-old pleaded not guilty, claiming to be a victim of human trafficking. The prosecutor, Geir Evanger, said he was satisfied with the sentence. In a press meeting, he said that “this is the first of its kind and will be important for other women returning from Syria.”

A Norwegian citizen left for Syria. Sentenced to 3.5 years in prisonReuters Archive

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She was associated with fighters

The convicted woman left Norway for Syria in 2013, where she married the Norwegian fighter Bastian Vasquez. They had one child. Vasquez died in 2015. She then married two other terrorists in turn, with one of them having a second child. Currently, the children are in Norway, but the mother does not have parental rights.

In 2019, the Norwegian woman left the caliphate and came with her two children to a camp in northern Syria. When her son became seriously ill in January 2020, the Norwegian authorities decided to evacuate them to Norway for humanitarian reasons. The decision resulted in the departure of Prime Minister Erna Solberg from the right-wing and anti-immigrant Progress Party.

The woman sentenced to prison intends to appeal the sentence.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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