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Peru. First round of presidential elections. Minimal differences between candidates

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After counting nearly 70 percent of the votes in the first round of the presidential election in Peru, the left-wing union leader and teacher Pedro Castillo has the best result. However, this does not mean that it can celebrate a victory. “Never in the history of this country have the differences between the top candidates been so small” – emphasized the Reuters agency.

Pedro Castillo got 18.6 percent of the vote, according to a 69 percent vote-based survey by Ipsos. The former president’s daughter, conservative Keiko Fujimori, came in second with 14.5 percent of the vote. The far-right candidate Rafael Lopez Aliaga won 11.9 percent. votes, and the liberal economist Hernando de Soto – 10.8 percent.

The first official results announced after counting 11.44 percent. votes grant 15.8 percent. Castillo votes, 14.7 percent – de Soto, 13.1 percent. – Aliadze and 12.1 percent – Fujimori.


The election results may still change after counting all the votes, never in history has the differences between the leading candidates been so small – the AFP agency reported. Pre-election polls gave Castillo the best chance, followed by ex aequo Fujimori and de Soto.

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– Thank you Peruvians for this result. Please remain calm until the final election results – said Pedro Castillo to his supporters at a rally in the city of Cajamarca in the north of the country.

The extreme left-wing candidate has pledged to amend the constitution of Peru in order to weaken the business elite and increase the role of the state in industries related to energy and mining – reminded the Reuters agency.

18 candidates ran for the presidency of Peru for five years. The second round will take place on June 6.

In addition to the president, the citizens of Peru also elected members of the 130-person unicameral parliament. According to Ipsos, the 5% electoral threshold was exceeded by 11 parties and none of them gained a significant advantage, which may make it difficult to govern the country, assesses Reuters.

Main photo source: FRANCISCO VIGO / PAP / EPA

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