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Piła: A 22-year-old girl died of blows with a fist, orphaned two young children

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The trial of Hubert K. from Piła has started. The man is accused of murdering his partner. The crime took place in their apartment where young children were staying. K. confessed to beating, but not to murder.

The first hearing in the case of Hubert K. was held in the District Court in Poznań on Thursday. The trial will be held behind closed doors – the court, at the request of the victim’s family, has excluded publicity.

Hubert K. is accused of murdering his partner. The 22-year-old died on May 9 last year in Piła. The woman’s body was found in her apartment after her father called the emergency services.

At that time, the 22-year-old’s partner was arrested in the case. The couple lived together with their two children aged three and about 1.5 months. At the time of detention, the 23-year-old was intoxicated, he had over two per mille of alcohol.

The results of the autopsy showed that the woman died as a result of numerous internal injuries. She had brain swelling, contusion of the skull on the internal surfaces, extensive subarachnoid bleeding. According to the preliminary findings of the investigators, the 22-year-old girl was beaten with a fist and with an open hand in the face, she also hit her head on the floor.

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“Behavior exhausts the hallmarks of homicide”

23-year-old Hubert K., the partner of the deceased, was initially charged with causing the injuries that led to the death of the 22-year-old. He pleaded guilty and was arrested.

Then the investigators changed the classification of the alleged offense to the man a homicide with a possible intention. – The prosecutor’s office once again analyzed the collected evidence, which made it probable that this act should be classified under Article 148 of the Criminal Code regarding murder. Initially, a milder qualification was adopted, but the prosecutor in the further investigation concluded that this behavior had the features of a homicide, said Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań, after the change of qualification of the acts.

The 23-year-old did not confess to the murder and refused to explain.

For murder with a possible intention, Hubert K. faces a penalty from eight years in prison to life imprisonment.

The tragedy happened in Piła

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