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PiS resolution on nepotism. PSL: the list of “fat cats” was incomplete, more names in state-owned companies

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We thought the list of ‘fat cats’ we presented was quite extensive. Unfortunately, I have to admit today that this is a very incomplete list – said Miłosz Motyka, a spokesman for the Polish People’s Party. He announced that there was new information about people related to the current government who “milk”, inter alia, State Treasury companies.

Politicians on Tuesday The Polish People’s Party presented the list of “fat cats” at the press conference, i.e. people related to Law and Justice or their families who sit on management boards or supervisory boards in State Treasury companies or subsidiaries of the State Treasury. There were 357 names on the list.


– We thought that the list of ‘fat cats’, which we presented to President Jarosław Kaczyński and the public, is quite extensive – said PSL spokesman Miłosz Motyka on Thursday at a press conference in the Sejm. – Unfortunately, I have to admit today that this is a very incomplete list – he said.

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PSL spokesman: We thought the list of “fat cats” was quite extensive. Unfortunately, this list is very incomplete TVN24

“There are signals, information about the next names”

As he emphasized, the peasants’ receive signals, information about successive names, successive full lists from regions, families of PiS politicians, associates, activists, former and current councilors of the ruling party who milk State Treasury companies, state institutions, government agencies for power “.

– The most recent example: yesterday the secretary of the Sejm session was Ms Aleksandra Szczudło from the Podlasie voivodeship. Probably by accident, when she was a councilor two years ago, she worked at PGE [Polskiej Grupie Energetycznej – przyp. red.]. She was the director there. When she got to the Sejm, her husband found himself in the company PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, on the management board of this company – said Motyka. As he added, it also turned out that “in the PZU daughter company, in the PZU group, a company dealing with health, there is also the MEP’s mother in the supervisory board.”

– We can see that the appetites of “fat cats” are enormous and this system is simply a pathological system – assessed Motyka.

He declared that the PSL would update the list of “fat cats” on an ongoing basis, because the party was receiving more “outrageous signals”. He also gave an example. As he said, the Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin said that the decision on the son of Grzegorz Matusiak, MP, who found a job in a state-owned company, “must be corrected”. – It has actually been corrected. The son of Grzegorz Matusiak, MP, found a job in a municipal company in Tychy. He was delegated by the State Treasury, i.e. Minister Sasin, corrected the situation – said Motyka.

“We are entering the stage where the legal order mixes with the order of Mr. Kaczyński”

PSL MP Krzysztof Paszyk, in turn, referred to the statements of the spokesman for the Ministry of State Assets, Karol Manys, who a few days ago said, among other things, that PiS sanacja resolution “has already been implemented to the extent that concerns supervisory boards and management boards of State Treasury companies subordinate to the Ministry of State Assets “.

“13 people have ceased to perform their functions.” Ministry spokesman on the PiS Sanacja resolution >>>

As Paszyk assessed, “we are dealing with an unprecedented situation – commercial companies, companies of the State Treasury today, as the MAP spokesman argues, are implementing a resolution adopted by a political party.” – We are dealing with a situation that turns our country on its head – he commented.

– Horrible, in our country we are really entering a stage where the legal order is mixed with the order of Mr. Kaczyński. This is something that needs to be stigmatized and we are really sounding the alarm today – he added.

Paszyk: We are dealing with an unprecedented situationTVN24

PiS resolution on combating nepotism

At the beginning of July, the PiS congress was accepted a resolution that aims to fight nepotism. The document stipulates that “spouses, children, siblings and parents of deputies and senators of Law and Justice may not sit on supervisory boards of State Treasury companies”. Pursuant to the resolution, it is also forbidden to “employ in State Treasury companies members of the immediate family of MPs and senators of the Law and Justice party – that is, their spouses, children, siblings and parents”.

The resolution stated that the bans did not apply to people who were “employed / working in the structures of State Treasury companies due to their competences, professional experience and at the same time an extraordinary life situation”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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