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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

PIT 2020. ZUS sent 10 million tax declarations to old age and disability pensioners

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About 10 million PIT declarations were sent to recipients of social security benefits in 2020. The shipment started at the turn of January and February – said spokesman of the Social Insurance Institution, Paweł Żebrowski.


The plant sent tax forms: PIT-40A, PIT-11A or PIT-11. The declarations were sent to all people who in 2020 received a benefit from ZUS at least once – e.g. a retirement pension, disability pension or allowance.

Various PIT forms

PIT-40A form (tax settlement) is intended for retirees and pensioners with underpayment of tax (when the sum of advances transferred to the tax office does not exceed the amount of tax due).

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PIT-11A, i.e. information on income, is e.g. for people who have not received benefits by the end of the tax year or are not beneficiaries at the time of settlement. Importantly, this year PIT-11A was also given to beneficiaries who have tax overpayment. In such a situation, the taxpayer settles accounts with the tax office on his own or can wait until April 30 – then the tax office will accept the PIT-37 return for 2020 generated automatically in the Your e-PIT service.

Refunds and deductions

Retirees and pensioners will receive a tax refund directly from the tax office. He will refund the overpayment within 45 days of submitting the tax return in electronic form or within 3 months of submitting the paper-based declaration to the tax office.

Beneficiaries who want to take advantage of income or tax deductions may do so in their PIT-37 or PIT-36 tax return submitted to the tax office by April 30, 2021.

Pensioners can also donate 1 percent. tax to a selected public benefit organization (OPP). If it’s the same organization as last year, they don’t have to do anything. However, the entity indicated last year must be on the current list of PBOs. If the recipient wants to donate 1 percent. tax to an organization other than last year, he should complete the PIT-OP form and submit it to his tax office.

Persons who do not receive a declaration from ZUS by the end of February or have doubts about the received PIT form should contact the ZUS office that paid them the benefit.


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