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Police. Aleksander Doba, honorary citizen of the city, is dead

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Police in Zachodniopomorskie mourn Aleksander Dobra, who died on Monday during the conquest of Kilimanjaro. The traveler was an honorary citizen of this city.

If in September 2017, 70-year-old Aleksander Doba returned to his hometown of Police on his greatest expedition – the third crossing of the Atlantic canoe – he was greeted by crowds of inhabitants. Then he was glad to be at home, where his favorite dish prepared by his wife Gabriela was waiting for him – pork chop.

In Police, a crowd of fans and a family waited for DayTVN24 Szczecin

Man from Police

Władysław Diakun, the mayor of Police, was among those who welcomed that day. Today, when he heard about the death of the traveler, it was hard for him to collect his thoughts.

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– I’m in shock. A man of great size is gone. He made Police famous all over the world – the mayor does not hide his regret. He also emphasizes that this is not the only thing Doba has done for the region. – He met with local residents, with schools, got involved in many ideas related to the Police – he says.

When Doba turned 72, decided to run in the elections to the regional council of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship from the lists of the Electoral Committee of Voters Independent Self-Government. He won 9,200 votes, which gave him a seat and the best result among non-party candidates, although he only started from the third place on the list in district no. 1 in Western Pomerania (Szczecin and Police County).

The traveler Aleksander Doba died at the age of 74TVN24

Interestingly, his election slogan was: I do not promise anything. It is this honesty, but at the same time inexhaustible energy, that voters appreciated.

– I survived a storm of 10 on the Beaufort scale, and now I want to do something different, work more for the benefit of our region. However, I will repeat what I said before the elections: I promise that I will not promise anything – commented the traveler. At the same time, he made a reservation that he would listen carefully to the inhabitants of the entire region.


In November 2018, he resigned from the mandate of a councilor. – As you know, I decided to resign from the mandate of the councilor of the Sejmik of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It was not an easy decision because I am aware of the trust that voters have placed in me. The number of votes I received was both a surprise and a distinction for me. Thank you very much for them! He wrote then.

As he said, he is first and foremost a traveler “whose calendar is difficult to subordinate to the rigid rules of the regional council”. He promised, however, that he would continue to be the ambassador of Police and the Westpomeranian Region in the world.

Aleksander Doba is deadTVN24

During the ceremony in 2017, Doba announced to the crowd that welcomed him that this was his last such extreme trip. – It is said: up to three times art. This is the third trip, I closed this loop. I have enough for now, said the traveler. He did not keep his promise.

Doba was a retired mechanical engineer, a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology. He was born in Swarzędz (Greater Poland).

Alexander Doba died while conquering Kilimanjaro.

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki / PAP

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