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Polish Law, PiS program presented. Comments from opposition politicians

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Kaczyński’s promises are a bit like financial pyramids. Great expectations, great promises, great slogans, and then enormous costs, new taxes and everything translated into an ordinary citizen – said Marcin Kierwiński (KO). In this way, he commented on the program of the Polish Deal presented by the United Right. Krzysztof Gawkowski (Left) admitted that there were “some interesting ideas, some in line with the program of the Left”. – The question is whether in this funfair presented by Morawiecki and Kaczyński is what will actually be realized – he stressed.

On Saturday, the United Right convention was held at which the program was presented Polish Deal. It assumes, among other things, increasing expenditure on health care, increasing the tax-free amount, or tax-free pensions to PLN 2,500.

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Kierwiński: We should all grab our pockets

Opposition politicians commented on the program presented by the United Right. – Kaczyński’s promises are a bit like financial pyramids. Great expectations, great promises, great slogans, and then enormous costs, new taxes and everything translated into an ordinary citizen – said Marcin Kierwiński from the Civic Coalition.

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In his opinion, “when PiS talks about new social transfers, about new money that it will give away, we should all grab our pockets, because it means that there will be new taxes, new fees”.

Kierwiński: as PiS talks about the new money it will give away, we should all grab our pocketsTVN24

Gawkowski: a lot of proposals, some interesting, some in line with the Left’s program

As Krzysztof Gawkowski, the head of the Left-wing club, said, “Prime Minister Morawiecki and president Kaczyński presented a wish park”. – The question is whether this funfair is really what will be done – he emphasized.

– A lot of proposals, a few interesting, a few in line with the Left’s program that we could support. But we say clearly: government, take advantage of the legislative proposals that the Left has brought – said the MP.

He specified that he meant “equal wages for men and women, a higher tax-free amount, an increase in pensions and disability pensions”. – These are the laws of the Left, no need to write new ones. Get them out of the freezer, let’s do it together. The left will be happy to lend them and vote – he declared.

Gawkowski: Prime Minister Morawiecki and President Kaczyński presented the Wish ParkTVN24

Kosiniak-Kamysz about the Polish Lada

The president of PSL, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, recalled that “the prime minister has already promised a million electric cars, thousands of apartments for almost everyone in Poland, and great investments in Poland”.

– Can the promises made today be trusted to be fulfilled? Not completely. As there are no passenger ferries, apartments, electric cars, these postulates may not be implemented – assessed the leader of the People’s Party.

Kosiniak-Kamysz about the Polish LadaTVN24

Kobosko: we need to know the real costs of this plan

Michał Kobosko from Poland 2050 referred to the solutions presented by the United Right in an interview with PAP. – We saw a brighter side of the changes that PiS intends to introduce, and we need to know, first of all, the real costs of this plan and what is behind its introduction – he said. – We are waiting for specific proposals and projects that we could realistically talk about – he added. Until now, public health has failed to deal with the pandemic, he judged, and the vaccination program was in chaos. Commenting on the health protection program presented by PiS, Kobosko assessed that the government had reflected and announced that it would draw conclusions from the last year. In his opinion, it was surprising that neither Morawiecki nor Kaczyński mentioned the reform of the judiciary and the energy transformation.

Bosak: the Polish government is hitting Polish entrepreneurs

Krzysztof Bosak from the Confederation also commented on the Polish Deal in an interview with PAP. As he said, it is certain that it will be associated with a tax increase.

– Prime Minister and President Kaczyński are trying to convince us that they invented the financial perpetual motion machine, which means that different groups will get a lot of new, different privileges, and additionally there will be a tax reduction. Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can’t fool math. All people with average and higher earnings will pay for it in increased taxes and in higher health insurance – he emphasized.

Such solutions – he added – “will particularly hit those who run their own business, Polish small and medium-sized enterprises”. – Once again, the Polish government will attack Polish entrepreneurs to make them pay for these promises – assessed Bosak.

On the other hand, the MP positively responded to the possibility of building houses up to 70 square meters without the need for a permit, and only for notification, which in his opinion deserves “praise”. However, he added that there should be many more such simplifications in the Construction Law.

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