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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Polish Wooden Houses. The MKiŚ announced the salaries of the board members

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During the first two years of operation of Polskie Domy Wooden, almost PLN 581.2 thousand was allocated to the remuneration of management board members. This is the answer of the Ministry of Climate and Environment to a parliamentary interpellation. So far, the company has not completed any investment.


The company Polskie Domy Wooden was established by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Bank Ochrony Środowiska. PDD began operating in 2019. Its aim is to support construction in Poland with the use of energy-saving wooden technologies.

An appeal regarding the company’s operations was addressed to the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka, by MPs: Franciszek Sterczewski, Krystyna Sibińska, Tomasz Aniśko, Maciej Lasek, Hanna Gill-Piątek, Monika Rosa, and Aleksandra Gajewska. As they emphasized, “the protection of the broadly understood common good is one of the most important tasks of the state”.

“Undoubtedly, such goods include a clean, properly functioning natural environment. Therefore, any initiative aimed at its protection and preservation for future generations deserves praise. However, it is unacceptable to create fictitious investments that only consume funds and do not bring results. Unfortunately, this is what happened. with the Polish Wooden Houses program “- noted the MPs.

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In an interpellation, the deputies indicated that despite significant financial resources and political support, “no investment had been realized, not a single wooden house was built”. “Moreover, the first buildings are to be commissioned within a few months, but they will be sold on market terms,” ​​he added.

Therefore, MPs asked why the only houses already built were to be sold on market terms, and how much money had been spent on the program so far.

Remuneration of members of the management board

The answer to the question was provided by Ireneusz Zyska, secretary of state in the Ministry of Climate and Environment. As he informed, the company’s share capital currently amounts to PLN 50 million for two years of operation.

“Using the funds that the Company received in 2019, in 2020 it purchased real estate in the following locations: Łódź, Choroszcz, Pułtusk and Środa Śląska, which generated a total expenditure of PLN 35.5 million,” we read. In addition – as Zyska pointed out – in December 2020 the company signed preliminary conditional agreements, therefore the expenses incurred on the paid advances and down payments amounted to approximately PLN 4 million.

In turn, the remuneration of two members of the management board was allocated almost 581.2 thousand. PLN. In 2020 it was PLN 356,533.08, and in 2019 – PLN 224,642.19. Tomasz Szlązak is the president of the management board, and Andrzej Schleser is a member of the management board. The deputy head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage explained that the remuneration of management board members is three times the average monthly salary in the enterprise sector.

When are the first homes?

Minister Michał Kurtyka informed last Augustthat the company will start selling residential premises in 2021. “According to the assumed plan, the Company is at the stage of implementing the first two investments. Their commissioning is scheduled for the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2021. Further investments are in the preparation phase” – he indicated. The first investments are to be put into service in Choroszcz and Łódź.

Ireneusz Zyska, in response to the MP’s question, emphasized that the first pilot investments must be sold on market terms. As he stated, one of the reasons is the fact that the long-term vision of the development of the company Polskie Domy Wooden, formulated in the Operational Plan for 2019-2020, assumes that the Company is “(…) a modern, profitable and innovative development company enabling Poles with average earnings to satisfy their housing needs in ecological and energy-saving technology “.

The representative of the ministry explained that “the main commercial goal of the Company, in accordance with the Strategy for 2022-2023 specifying the above document, is the effective introduction of the offer of its houses and apartments to the market and their fastest commercialization, which is a condition, among others, for obtaining capital for launching new development projects “.

This means that in the period of the strategy, the main source of income for the company “which must prove profitable will be the sale of houses and apartments”. Zyska added that the second key source of the company’s revenues, i.e. apartment rental, will appear after the period covered by the strategy.

According to the adopted schedule of development investments, the first buildings for rent will be put into use in 2024. “Which means that from 2024, as part of its operations, the Company will start offering apartments for rent and obtaining income on this account. The offer will be available under government programs supporting the development of the housing sector” – explained the representative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The house building program under the PDD company was supposed to support the entire Mieszkanie Plus program. – This program of wooden houses will be part of the entire governmental program Apartment Plus, so it will be on the same terms, i.e. for rent, for rent with obtaining ownership. These will be the same conditions as for other users of the Mieszkanie Plus program – said in April 2018 on Radio Plus the then head of the World Cup, Henryk Kowalczyk.

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