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Polkowice. He left a sachet behind the car roof, 25,000 zlotys inside

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A resident of Polkowice (Lower Silesia) left a sachet filled with cash on the roof of his car and went home. He was lucky a policeman found her a few minutes later.

Late in the evening, the man drove up to the parking lot near his home. He had a sachet with money for payments for all employees of the company – a total of PLN 25,000. Inside were also documents and his telephone.

Tired after work, he had to completely forget about a valuable package. The man left the sachet on the roof of his car and went home. However, it can be said to be very lucky, because the money returned to him before he could realize that he had lost it.

A sachet with moneyKPP Polkowice

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“Thank you with all my heart”

– A few minutes later, an off-duty policeman from Polkowice was passing by the same place, who noticed the sachet and, based on the documents, reached the owner – says Przemysław Rybikowski, the press officer of the Polkowice Police.

A grateful resident wrote a letter to the police commander in Polkowice, in which he praised the policeman’s attitude.

“At midnight I was woken up by the doorbell by a Polkowice officer who noticed a sachet with 25,000 zlotys, a telephone and documents on the roof of my vehicle, then immediately went to my address and gave my property. I am very grateful to him for such an attitude and Once again, thank you with all my heart. Few people would have behaved like him. Many people in society are guided by the wrong slogan ‘found-not stolen.’ The attitude of a policeman from your unit is admirable and makes me optimistic (…) I don’t even want to think what if this money ended up in the wrong hands “- the owner noted in the letter.

Main photo source: KPP Polkowice


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