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Poznań, City Stadium: A great line for flowers from the sale. Sanepidu control

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On Sunday, sanepid inspectors went to a potted plant fair organized at the Municipal Stadium in Poznań. It was there that, from Saturday, gigantic queues of people eager to shop were lined up. – The obligatory distance was not kept, the current limit of customers was not respected – says Cyryla Staszewska, spokeswoman for the Poznań Sanepid. The organizer of the event may even be fined several dozen thousand zlotys.

The County Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Poznań initiated administrative proceedings against the organizer of the weekend sale of potted plants at the Municipal Stadium.

“Do you want to give your apartment a tropical atmosphere? We invite the residents of Poznań to the green potted plants market at bargain prices on April 10-11 at the Poznań Stadium. Come and make yourself a bit of joy in these difficult times” – encouraged the organizers.

Poznań, City Stadium: a gigantic queue for the sale of plants10.04TVN 24

The line was turning

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There was no shortage of people willing. Already on Saturday we showed gigantic queues of people who wanted to take part in the festival. Before entering the market, there was a queue, even several hundred meters long. “Wężyk” turned around the stadium. Even the passing rain did not deter those waiting to enter. Some of the people standing in the line did not have masks and did not keep an appropriate distance from others.


Queue in front of the stadium entranceTVN 24

Similarly – according to people who entered the stadium – it was supposed to look inside. It was supposed to be cramped and it was not possible to go everywhere, keeping an appropriate distance. The organizers informed that there will be a limit of up to 100 people inside. They also called for precautionary measures in force at marketplaces.

Inside, there was to be a limit of 100 people

“All applicable restrictions have been exceeded”

On Saturday, due to a large queue of people waiting to enter the stadium, the situation was checked by the police, who notified the Sanepid about the case. Sanitary inspectors inspected the Sunday fair.

– The procedure was initiated due to the failure to comply with the legal standards and guidelines in force at the time of the pandemic, including the lack of hand disinfection at the entrance to the facility, the mandatory distance was not respected, the current limit of customers was not respected – said Cyryla Staszewska, spokeswoman for the Poznań Sanepid. As admitted the exact number of people who visited the plant festival is unknown, but at times hundreds of buyers were supposed to take part in the event. Now the organizer of the event may face a fine of PLN 10,000. PLN up to 30 thousand. PLN. It is already known that similar pot plant fairs are planned in other cities.

Drive-thru point at the Municipal StadiumPoznań City Hall

In addition to the market at the Municipal Stadium in Poznań, there were two sampling points for coronavirus during the weekend. There, patients have two tents at their disposal, where samples are collected for testing. One tent is intended for motorized patients, it is entered by car, while the other one is visited by pedestrian patients.

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