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Poznań, Lechicka. She was on the city bus No. 178 against the current. She admitted that she had mistaken the route and apologized to the passengers

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The woman who was driving the Poznań bus no. 178 at some point mistook the route. In order to rectify her mistake, she made another one: she drove against the current into the busy, two-lane Lechicka Street. – We protect the recording of surveillance cameras. Everything indicates that the lady will be reprimanded and directed to training – says the spokeswoman of the Municipal Transport Company in Poznań.

The mistake was made on Wednesday after 3pm. A video showing a fragment of the bus journey was released to the network. It was recorded by a pedestrian who stood on the footbridge over Lechicka Street. The film begins when the green and black city bus is already on the left lane. On the right, there are railings, and on the left, there is a string of cars going in the opposite direction. Motorcyclists and drivers of oncoming cars pull the bus off the road one by one. After a few hundred meters, the bus driver slows down and with the signpost signals that he wants to turn right into the lanes of Lechicka Street, where he will be able to move correctly.


She mistook the route for which she apologized to the passengers

The situation is commented on by Agnieszka Smogulecka, spokeswoman for MPK Poznań. – The driver drove upstream from Wilczak Street in Lechicka – she admitted. So she made a mistake at the Provincial Road Traffic Center, i.e. the place where drivers from Wielkopolska are trained.

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As the spokeswoman says, the woman has been working at MPK for a year and a half. In her report, which she had to draw up after Wednesday’s mistake, she admitted that she had mistaken the route, for which she apologized to all passengers.

– We protect the recording of surveillance cameras. At the moment, everything indicates that the lady will be reprimanded for causing danger in road traffic and will be directed to a training center to verify her knowledge and skills – ends Smogulecka.

Main photo source: TVN24

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