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Poznan. New enclosures for rescued tigers have been created in the zoo

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They managed to save them from smuggling on the Polish-Belarusian border. The Kan and Gogh tigers that remained in Poznań are doing well and have just had a new catwalk. “It is a tiger’s paradise built by your empathy and heart,” say zoo employees.

Kan has already moved, Gogha is waiting for it next Thursday. Two of the ten tigers that were tried to smuggle across the Polish-Belarusian border in 2019 will go to new runs. They are five thousand square meters. There are large nest boxes, swimming pools and a forest at the disposal of tigers.

“With great emotion and great thanks for your commitment and support given to us, we open the last stage of the Undead story – Kan and Gogh tigers go to a tiger paradise built with your empathy and heart” – it was written on the official profile of the institution in social media.


The new run is now readyFB – Zoo in Poznań

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Difficult road to a new home

– We would like to thank all those who did not sleep at night, who cried sometimes from powerlessness, from helplessness, with us. Those who accompanied the rescue of the tigers. It is thanks to your support, your contributions and your continued support that this very work was created, i.e. a new home for tigers who were torn by life and once very suffering – says Małgorzata Chodyła, spokeswoman for the zoo.

Kan is already using the new enclosure, but before he found his way there, the zoo employees made a painstaking attempt to familiarize him with the transport cage. Due to his traumatic experiences, it was not easy. Preparations for the move took four weeks. – These are special care animals. They have passed so much in life and are in such a state of health that we do not want to risk worsening it, or even risking our life. That is why we decided to carry it out without sleeping pills. For several weeks, the caregivers practiced getting into a new, specially constructed transport cage – says Chodyła.

Kan had to learn to get into the transporterFB – Zoo in Poznań

How was this done? – In the cage, at first, there were portions of meat for consolation, so that the tiger would get used to the fact that walking through this cage or entering it is not scary and is not a threat. Then there were more attempts until the cage closed.

On Tuesday, the caretakers moved Kan in a transporter to his car and transported him to his new home. The construction of the catwalks was financed from the funds collected by the Poznań zoo during the tiger rescue operation. – It was a great undertaking for which we are still very grateful. Using the collected funds, it was possible not only to save the tigers, provide them with care, but also, as you can see, create a new, dignified home. We hope they will have time to enjoy it. For now, they will have to get used to the new conditions – adds Chodyła.


Main photo source: FB – Zoo Poznań

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