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Poznan. The Armored Weapons Museum shows new exhibits

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Until a few weeks ago, no one knew about their existence, now they can be seen in the Armored Weapons Museum in Poznań. German rifles and American cannons from WWII are now partially restored. The first visitors could already admire the effects. The inhabitants of Wróbel (Greater Poland Voivodeship) found a weapon set in the fence.

At the end of March, the Kubarecki family began renovation of the fence on your plot. While breaking down the concrete pillars constituting the entrance gate, “souvenirs” from World War II were found. It quickly turned out that there were two American 37 mm automatic air cannons on the property, which were mounted on the P-39 Airacobra and P-63 Kingcobra aircraft. There were also four 7.92 mm MG 81 machine guns. These weapons were used as Luftwaffe defensive weapons on mobile and fixed firing positions of German bombers and observation planes.

– Our late uncle Stefan recalled years ago that if we ever replace the fence, we will probably find something from the Second World War and it could be an interesting find. We never dug the topic down. We thought that even if we found something, it would be a trifle – reported Łukasz Szymański, one of the discoverers of the find.

Unexpected “surprise” in a concrete poleUM Kostrzyn

– Incredible attitude of the owners of this property. They didn’t scrap this find. They informed the representatives of our museum. I personally made it. I admit that I did not know what we were going to face at the time, because we only saw elements while breaking down these concrete pillars – says Lt. Col. Tomasz Ogrodniczuk, head of the Armored Weapons Museum in Poznań.

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Due to the fact that the weapon was concreted, it has survived to this day in good condition. The plot slowly regains its former glory. The head of the museum emphasized that the success of the entire operation depends on the patience and skills of the restoration team.

– Concrete got everywhere, on all bolts, all elements. My restorers have done an excellent job; they carefully forge element by element. All the elements of the first plot have already been launched, it is already covered with preservative paint. The second copy still needs to be dismantled and cleaned, explained Ogrodniczuk.

“It’s a piece of history, we are glad that it will go to the museum”UM Kostrzyn

Renovators do not hide that even the smallest success brings them great joy. – This is euphoria. This work gives a lot of satisfaction, because you can restore something to the state when it was produced – says Krzysztof Walkowiak from the Armored Weapons Museum.

The vehicle is runningTVN24

Those who showed up on Saturday could also see the popular M4 Sherman tank. – Sherman is here. He’s running. In the Western theater of warfare he was the basic vehicle, with all its variations. Here this one was purchased by a private collector in Serbia. He came to Poland and was restored here. These works will certainly continue, because there is an interior to be finished – says Ogrodniczuk.

The vehicle belonging to a private collector will be on display at the museum for the next month. The head of the facility does not hide that he would like such a specimen to be added to museum collections one day. – We have vehicles on a Sherman chassis. However, my dream is to have a Sherman here in the colors of the 1st Polish Armored Division. In this way, we will honor the memory of our great commander, who did not lose any battle, i.e. General Stanisław Maczek – he adds.

From May 4, cultural institutions may also operate under strict sanitary regime. The Armored Weapons Museum is located in the vicinity of the Ławica airport. They can be visited from May 5. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00. Due to the restrictions, 40 people can stay in the entire facility at the same time. For now, only individual tours are possible.

In the museum you can see, among others the world’s only complete mobile Sturmgeschuetz IV self-propelled gun and tanks that starred in Steven Spielberg’s “Spy Bridge”. There is also a Rudy tank from the TV series “Czterej pancerni i pies”.

Main photo source: UM Kostrzyn

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