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Friday, January 15, 2021

Protests after the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling on abortion. The Consultative Council of the All-Poland Women’s Strike presented its postulates

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The end of “women’s hell”, supporting LGBT people, creating a secular state, including removing religion from schools – these are some of the postulates of the Consultative Council of the National Women’s Strike. They were announced after the first Sunday meeting.

The leaders of the National Women’s Strike announced on Thursday that the Consultative Council was established. They announced that it would include experts and experts on topics that appeared in the demands made during protests in the country, as well as people from the Solidarity generation.

There are protests in Poland after the decision of the Constitutional Court headed by Julia Przyłębska, which last week ruled that the right to abortion in the event of severe and irreversible fetal impairment is inconsistent with the constitution.

“Collect, organize and present the voices of mass protests”

The first meeting of the Consultative Council was held on Sunday. After its end, the leaders of the National Women’s Strike presented the main tasks of the council and its composition at a press conference.

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– The council is to work on collecting, organizing and presenting the voices of mass protests and developing exit paths, paths to make us stop being in a swamp when it comes to all spheres of public life – said Marta Lempart, one of the strike leaders . She assured that the council would not formulate political postulates.

As she said, among the people who are currently members of the Council are, among others, Barbara Labuda, Jacek Wiśniewski, Dorota Łoboda, Monika Płatek, Michał Boni, Paweł Kasprzak.

Consultative Council after the first meetingTVN24

Here are the main postulates of the Consultative Council, presented at the press conference:

1. Ending “women’s hell” – apart from abortion, it is also about violence, alimony.

2. Supporting LGBT people.

3. Building a secular state, including removing religion from schools.

4. The state services are to remain state services, not party services.

5. “Real institutions, real spokesmen”.

6. Remedying the climate disaster.

7. Handling a health care disaster related to a pandemic.

9. Dealing with “fascist” militias.

10. “Debridement” of the labor market

11. Reanimation of psychiatry

12. Real support for people with disabilities.

13. “Stop propaganda and disinformation”

Postulates of the Consultative Council of the National Women’s StrikeTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24


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