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Przemysław Czarnek. New Minister of Education. Statements from recent years about human rights, feminism, LGBT

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– Let’s end the discussion about these LGBT abominations, homosexuality, bisexuality, parades of equality – said Przemysław Czarnek a few months ago. As a voivode and then a PiS MP, he often discussed sexual orientation in the media. Almost all about science and education, which he is to deal with as a minister.

Przemysław Czarnek will become the new minister of the joint ministries of education and science, and from October 1 he will also be employed as a professor at the Catholic University of Lublin. His promotion was decided in August by the previous university rector. He was not prevented by the ongoing disciplinary proceedings regarding Czarnek’s LGBT statements. Which statement is this about?

“Let’s stop listening to these idiocy about some human rights”

– Let us defend the family against this kind of corruption, depravity, absolutely immoral behavior, let us defend us against the LGBT ideology and finish listening to these idiocy about some human rights or some equality. These people are not equal to normal people, and let’s end this discussion – said PiS politician Przemysław Czarnek on TVP Info on June 13.

On the same program, he said: – Let’s end the discussion about these LGBT abominations, homosexuality, bisexuality, parades of equality. Let us defend the family, because failure to defend the family leads to what you see.

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As he spoke these words, he was holding a phone in his hand, on the display of which he showed a picture of several people. – These are the Los Angeles guys in downtown last June. I was on a delegation there, I was passing through, there was a so-called gay pride parade there – he added. – We are at an earlier stage, there are no such things with us yet, but such chaps shamelessly (shamelessly – ed.) Walk the streets of the western city of Los Angeles – he added. According to MP Czarnek, “Europe is also heading for this, Poland is heading for this”.

The very next day after saying these words, the PiS deputy explained himself on social media. “I emphasize once again in favor of the Polish Constitution: Everyone is equal before the law and in dignity without exception”. It does not change the fact that there cannot be the slightest consent and acceptance for demoralizing, corrupting behavior on the streets of cities, such as in the presented photo from LA, to which I related my yesterday’s statement. That is why I cut myself off from all manipulations regarding my speech and demand that it cease to be distorted and taken out of context. I am sorry it is deliberately credited with intentions that I never had, ”he wrote on Twitter on June 14.

“I will always be against the promotion of deviation, deviations, degeneration”

Przemysław Czarnek raised the subject of LGBT + in his statements many times, already as the voivode of Lublin, and then as an MP, which he became a year ago. For example, during the lecture “The Impact of Neo-Marxism on Family Education”, which he gave on October 16, 2019 as part of the Third International Congress of the “Europa Christi” Movement, entitled “Europe of two lungs – Europe of the Gospel, Truth and Peace. The vision of Europe of St. John Paul II”.

– Postmodernism (…) and neo-Marxism (…) completely destroys the community tissue – it is a fight against the community in every dimension – from the family, created by marriage, to local society, to the nation in general – said Czarnek at the time. And he emphasized: – I will always be against the promotion of deviations, deviations and degenerations – exactly as the catechism of the Catholic Church commands me and exactly as the Holy Scriptures command me. And no rector (…), no conference of university chancellors in Poland will forbid me to do so, ‘he said, referring to the letter from the chairman of the conference of university chancellors in Poland, Professor Szmidt.

Czarnek on the anti-violence convention: there are ideological records in itTVN24

Against feminism and homosexual marriage

In the same lecture he emphasized that “in nature there is no such thing as homosexual marriage”. – It’s like a dry pool or dry sea. Either there is a puddle or it is not. When there is no water, it is no longer a puddle. It is the same with marriage. Either it is a relationship between a woman and a man, or it is not a marriage – said Czarnek.

During the same lecture, he criticized feminism, saying that it “is taking its toll.” – In order to hit a family, you have to hit a woman, because a woman has an absolutely irreplaceable function in the family – he argued. – And what to do to hit your family, a woman? Tell her: you don’t have to do this, you are the same as a peasant, go and work, drive a tractor, a combine, make a career. Career first, and then maybe a child – he added. In his opinion, “hitting the family is hitting a woman and that’s what feminism is for.”

“Democracy as a minority dictatorship”

A year earlier – in 2018 – at the same Czarnek congress, who was then the Lublin voivode, he emphasized: everything.

And he pointed out that “we should have as many media as ‘Niedziela’ as possible, like Radio Maryja, like Telewizja Trwam, we should strive for it as a Catholic community.”

– Today, in this fight against objective reality, in the fight against Christianity, we have already brought about a situation in which we have turned democracy into a minority dictatorship. Today we no longer have the concept of democracy as the will of the majority, today we have the concept of democracy only as the right of a minority – said Czarnek. And he added: – Democracy is a system in which the rule is ruled by the majority, respecting the rights of minorities, but this respect for minority rights cannot and turns into a minority dictatorship.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry

A few weeks earlier – on September 27, 2018 – Przemysław Czarnek, the then voivode, criticized the Equality March in Lublin in a recording on his YouTube channel. In the film, he said that the march promotes “deviations, deviations and degenerations” and “anti-family, anti-Christian attitudes, directly contrary to the catechism and the Constitution of the Republic of Poland”. “It’s just disgusting to flaunt your sexuality on the street,” he said.

Equality March in Lublin13.10 | On Saturday at 1 p.m. the first Equality March in Lublin began. tvn24

The organizer of the demonstration sued the voivode for defamation. Pointing to the crime of slander by means of mass communication, he considered that the voivode’s statement exposed him to the loss of public trust necessary for the conducted social activity. This type of offense is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year.

As part of the settlement, Czarnek published an apology on his channel. But he immediately issued a statement in which he withdrew his words. They were sent to the media by the voivode’s spokesman, Marek Wieczerzak.

“In view of the relatively numerous, unreliable comments, including press releases, after yesterday’s court settlement, the Lublin Voivode emphasizes that, according to the settlement, NOBODY apologizes for a single word said about the march of equality. He does not withdraw from any word. it only regrets that its intentions have been misunderstood by some audiences, and apologizes for being offended by it, “the statement reads.

What did Czarnek do in the Sejm?

In October 2019, Przemysław Czarnek became an MP. He is a member of three committees: Economy and Development, Justice and Human Rights, and Foreign Affairs. During the 12-month period in the Sejm, he submitted five interpellations. None of them dealt with education and science. Czarnek questioned on:

– sub-measures: “Assistance in starting a business for young farmers” covered by RDP 2014-2020 “- funds for the necessary equipment for the new buildings of the St. John of Dukla Oncology Center of Lublin Region and the current obligations of the National Health Fund towards COZL – the amount of remuneration of customs officers – tax offices and employees of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Lublin – the limit of the faithful during the mass and other religious services – the location of crematoria (body incineration plants) in the immediate vicinity of housing estates.

He spoke in the Sejm 30 times. None of his statements concerned science or educational regulations. He had the most to say about the postal elections.

The PiS club submits a draft regarding the electionsTVN24

Author:Marcin Złotkowski, Justyna Suchecka

Main photo source: PAP


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