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Przemysław Czarnek will remain the head of MEiN. The Seym rejected the motion to dismiss the minister of education and science. Debate

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I am here on behalf of the girls whom Minister Przemysław Czarnek insults and pushes into complexes, and whom he would like not to bring up, but train as punitive wives, said Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, MP of the Left, during the debate on the motion to dismiss the head of MEiN. Urszula Rusecka from PiS argued that the motion “cannot be treated in a serious way because it is devoid of substantive, meaningful accusations”. The Sejm finally rejected a motion of no confidence in the minister of education and science on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday, in the Sejm, parliamentarians discussed the motion for a vote of no confidence in the minister of education and science, Przemysław Czarnek. It was submitted in June by MPs from the Civic Coalition.

Late in the evening, the Seym rejected the motion. 448 deputies voted. There were 236 votes against the appeal, 205 for – and 7 abstentions.



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Law and Justice deputy: the motion cannot be taken seriously

Even before the vote, a stormy debate took place. Representatives of clubs and circles took the floor. Urszula Rusecka, who presented the PiS position, accused the opposition of manipulating information about the minister of education. – The application we are processing should not and cannot be treated in a serious way, because it is devoid of substantive, meaningful accusations, and its only effect is to heat up bad emotions – she argued.

She said that “Czarnek focused on traditional values ​​- ethics, education in the spirit of patriotism and attachment to the family”. – This exposed himself to the left wing and these supposedly enlightened liberals – said the PiS MP. According to her, the opposition wanted to “sexualize young children” and deprive their parents of the right to decide who, when and what content to convey to their children.

– PiS is requesting the rejection of this shameful, political motion for a vote of no confidence, Rusecka said.

Rusecka: Minister Czarnek focused on conservative values ​​and he exposed himself to itTVN24

Szumilas: adept at insulting teachers, but lacks an idea for a good and modern education

At the beginning of her speech, Krystyna Szumilas (KO) announced that she would submit an application to the parliamentary ethics committee to punish PiS MP Agnieszka Górska, who was the rapporteur for the education, science and youth committee, which on Tuesday recommended the rejection of the application. “What has been said here has not been debated in committee,” she explained.

– Pride and arrogance, disregarding the opinion of others, insulting and dividing people, lying – these are neither female nor male virtues. These are the downsides. And people burdened with such disadvantages should not have any influence on the upbringing of the next generation of Polish women in schools, said the former education minister in the PO-PSL government. She referred to the words of Paweł Skrzydlewski, an adviser to Minister Czarnek, who said that girls should be “grounded to female virtues”.

Are “female virtues” a priority for the ministry of education? We look at the documents >>>

She also talked about the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their views. – You want to treat your parents as the president (Jarosław – editor) Kaczyński treats the prime minister. Theoretically, the Prime Minister (Mateusz – editor) Morawiecki can make any decision on his own, but only on condition that he obtains the consent of the president. The president does it informally. We are not interested in what you do in your party, but in the case of parents, the curator’s supervision over their decisions will result from the act, because such a project was prepared by Minister Czarnek, she emphasized.

Szumilas also accused the head of the Ministry of Education and Science that “he deals with everything, except what he should do”. – He is adept at offending teachers, students, parents and local governments, at centralizing and ideologizing the school, at telling who is normal and who is not. But he lacks an idea for a good and modern education – said the deputy.

Szumilas: we will submit a motion to the ethics committee regarding the statements made by MP GórskaTVN24

“I am here on behalf of the girls that Minister Czarnek insults and pushes into complexes”

Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk (Left) stated that while collecting signatures for the dismissal of the minister of education, she met 16-year-old Magda, who said that she was afraid of going back to school after the COVID-19 pandemic, but even more afraid of going back “to Czarnek’s school”. According to the deputy, the girl said she was afraid of harassment, among others for participating in a peaceful demonstration, and “Ordo Iuris fanatics” will enter her school in September. – I stand here on behalf of such girls as Magda. In defense of young people who Przemysław Czarnek wants to destroy their childhood with and steal the future with whom he wants to disgrace the school – she stated.

She said that students would like to learn in schools how to fight a climate catastrophe, how to cope in their first job, how to build healthy relationships with others. – Instead, Minister Czarnek wants to provide them with even more stories, even more cursed soldiers and, additionally, forced religion – she argued.

– I am here on behalf of the girls whom Minister Czarnek insults and pushes into complexes, and who he would like not to raise, but train them to become punitive wives who endure everything, even domestic violence without murmuring. No, Minister, the virtues of women are not obedience and modesty. It is courage and strength, it is the ability to decide about yourself, about your future, about your body, motherhood, about your work, simply about your life – said the MP from the Left. Dziemianowicz-Bąk also argued that the “Czarnek school” did not provide effective psychological help.

Dziemianowicz-Bąk: I stand here in defense of young people, whom Minister Czarnek wants to steal their childhood and make a bad futureTVN24

During the debate, on the desktops of the members of the Left, there were cardboard boxes with 100,000 signatures of citizens supporting the dismissal of Minister Czarnek, collected by this club.

Commenting on this, the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki (PiS), who led the proceedings, assumed that perhaps these boxes were empty. In reaction to this, members of the Left began to open boxes and show cards with signatures.

On the desks of the members of the Left, there were cardboard boxes with lists of signatures of citizens supporting the dismissal of Minister CzarnekTVN24

“We must make these leftist militias in universities stop terrorizing our youth”

Minister Przemysław Czarnek also made a speech from the parliamentary rostrum. He judged the opposition to be lying, saying that the curator would now choose the school’s headmaster. – You started scaring the directors that the probation officer would fire them when he wanted to. No. The probation officer must have a tool in his hand so that in some cases, but sometimes when the post-inspection recommendations are not fulfilled, he may force the school head to comply with the post-inspection recommendations. Only that, he argued.

The head of MEiN also spoke about academic freedoms. “We must really do so that these leftist militias at universities stop terrorizing our youth, our scientists,” he said.

Czarnek: we must make these leftist militias at universities stop terrorizing our youthTVN24

“Polish schools will not go further with such a minister”

A representative of the proposers, MP Rafał Grupiński (KO), took the floor before the parliamentary debate. He assessed that “the Polish school will not travel with such a minister”. He said that Czarnek became the head of MEiN because “when the support crumbles, when the money runs out, there is only one thing left for the Polish ruling party: the exacerbation of the ideological war.”

– We were about to break the fatalism of our history, but Mr. Kaczyński came with PiS and Minister Czarnek joined you. And the blocking and demolition of civil rights, the independence of the judiciary, freedom of speech in culture and science, as well as the enlightened principle of tolerance for all minorities began, which was fortunately more and more often discussed in Polish schools. The problem is that Minister Czarnek appeared and decided to extinguish the light in Polish education and science – continued Grupiński.

– Your capital is Ciemnogród, not Warsaw. A sign of backwardness, not progress. And in the language of misogyny, not solidarity with the weaker – enumerated the MP, addressing the rulers. – Minister, instead of playing the Herostrates of Polish education and science, maybe you will show some masculine virtue, just pack up and leave? We will recall you – added Grupiński.

Grupinski: when support crumbles, when money runs out, the way is to heat up the ideological struggleTVN24

“Perhaps there are some unfulfilled anti-world dreams of the applicants”

The deputy Agnieszka Górska (PiS) presented the report from the Tuesday meeting parliamentary committee for education, science and youth, which gave a negative opinion on the request of the Civic Coalition.

As she said, during the committee meeting, the main accusations against Czarnek were made by the former education minister from the PO-PSL government, and it was during the PO-PSL government that thousands of schools were liquidated.

She also assessed that “education was crippled”. – Perhaps there are some unfulfilled anti-world dreams of the applicants, which, thanks to God, they have not managed to implement yet, because they do not rule the state anymore – she continued.

Górska: during the rule of the PO-PSL, education was crippled and vocational education was liquidatedTVN24

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