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Rafał Poniatowski is dead. Journalists remember him

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“A few sentences delivered with this deep voice were more important than a series of bloated conferences” – this is how Tomasz Skory, a RMF FM reporter, who died on Saturday, recalled TVN24 journalist. “An outstanding ironist, a life-wise man” – wrote Wojciech Tumidalski from “Rzeczpospolita”.

He died on Saturday at the age of 48 Rafał Poniatowski. Our editorial colleague, a journalist who has been describing reality for 20 years in the materials of “Fakty” TVN and on TVN24. He has been battling cancer for several years.

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“Poniat” in the memoirs of journalists

On Saturday, many journalists said goodbye and remembered “Poniat” in social media entries. Radio Zet journalist Jacek Czarnecki wrote about “a good friend and an excellent journalist”.

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“Quite stoic calm” by Poniatowski, Mariusz Gierszewski from Wirtualna Polska recalled even in the most difficult moments.

Jacek Czarnecki from Radio Zet

Poniatowski “understood more than he said. I will miss his distance, reserve, reflection from the side,” wrote Tomasz Skory, RMF FM journalist.

Karolina Hytrek-Prosiecka, former journalist of TVN24 BiS and “Fakt” TVN, who also struggled with cancer, recalled the meeting with Poniatowski at the oncology department. “We rarely talked about our disease, melanoma did not exist, we talked about politics and journalism. Goodbye, warrior” – she wrote.

Tomasz Sekielski quoted “Poniat” and added: “His time has come … too early”.

Wojciech Tumidalski from “Rzeczpospolita” described Poniatowski as “an outstanding ironist, a life-wise man”.

“Poniat, I loved your sober attitude to politics and your non-obvious sense of humor,” wrote Dominika Długosz from Newsweek.

“Odsapnij Masterrzu” – wrote Jarosław Kuźniar, former journalist of TVN24 and Onet.

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