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Rawa Mazowiecka: 28-year-old suspected of hitting a man on Opoczyńska Street. He was spotted by a policeman on his way to work

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A dark-colored passenger seat caught the attention of a policeman on his way to work. The officer worked on a case of a 59-year-old man being hit by an unknown perpetrator. He noted that the car that passed him was the same color as the parts found at the scene of the accident. It turned out that his intuition did not disappoint him.

This story began on January 2 in Rawa Mazowiecka (Łódź Voivodeship). It was then that a 59-year-old pedestrian was hit by a car on Opoczyńska Street. The perpetrator fled the scene without helping the victim, who – as he later told the police – was unable to indicate which car was driving the driver who had hit him.

The officers had only a few small body elements detached from the perpetrator’s car at the time of hitting a pedestrian. Based on this, they concluded that they were looking for a dark seat. They also knew the indicative year of production of the vehicle and the model.


One and a half months have passed since these arrangements, but there was no breakthrough in the case. Until February 15, when one of the policemen of the Criminal Department of the Rawa headquarters was going to work.

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– At the intersection of Opoczyńska and Zamkowa Wola Streets, he noticed a seat who caught his attention. The color and brand of the car corresponded to the typical vehicle involved in the accident on January 2 – says junior aspirant Małgorzata Lewandowska from the police in Rawa.

The car the policeman spottedPolice in Rawa Mazowiecka

“Police perceptiveness and intuition turned out to be reliable”

The officer remembered the license plates – and already at work – checked who the vehicle belonged to.

– Police perceptiveness and intuition proved to be reliable. After painstaking work, he selected a person who could drive the seat on the day of the accident – explains Lewandowska.

A day later, the officers went to the car owner’s address. They saw a dark seat on the property. They immediately noticed damage indicating that the car had recently been involved in an accident. – Criminals inspected the car, interviewed people who could drive it. A 28-year-old resident of the Błędów commune admitted to causing an accident in which a Ravian suffered – the officer reports.

The deduction took place on Opoczyńska Street in Rawa Mazowiecka


The man heard the accusations of causing and escaping from the scene of the accident and failing to help the victim. For this, he is threatened with up to 4.5 years imprisonment.

The prosecutor’s office applied the preventive measures against the 28-year-old in the form of police supervision. The man is also prohibited from driving a motor vehicle.

Main photo source: Police in Rawa Mazowiecka

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