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Reconstruction Fund and National Reconstruction Plan. Voting in the Sejm on the ratification of European Union decisions. Borys Budka comments

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There was a great chance here in parliament to force the government to make good entries in the National Reconstruction Plan – this is how Borys Budka, the chairman of the Civic Platform, commented on the parliamentary vote on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision regarding the Reconstruction Fund. A special edition is in progress on TVN24. The leader of the peasants, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, spoke of the “greatest loss” which, in his opinion, was the lack of unity in the opposition.

During an extraordinary session of the Sejm, the deputies adopted the draft law on the ratification of the decision that would enable the mobilization of the EU Reconstruction Fund.


290 MPs were in favor of adopting the law, 33 were against, 133 abstained.

Shed: we do not lay down weapons

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The Civic Coalition Club abstained from voting. The result of the parliamentary vote was commented by the chairman of the Civic Platform, Borys Budka. – There is a chance in the Senate, we are not giving up our arms, we will convince the entire Senate majority in the Senate to adopt amendments to this law – he said.

– We are consistent, on the one hand we were in favor of money for Poland, but on the other hand we did not lead to the fact that it will be spent without any control – he argued.

He added that “this government has no moral right to remain out of control.”

– There was a great chance here in parliament to force the government to make good entries in the National Reconstruction Plan. After all, the government did not have a majority, the United Right coalition did not have a majority in the parliamentary chamber today, emphasized the PO leader.

National Reconstruction Plan

Poland will have around EUR 58 billion at its disposal from the Reconstruction Fund. This amount consists of EUR 23.9 billion in grants and EUR 34.2 billion in loans.

The basis for reaching for funds is the National Reconstruction Plan. Such a document must be prepared by each Member State and presented to the European Commission. The Council of Ministers adopted the KPO on Friday 30 April. On Monday, the document describing the way money from the Reconstruction Fund was spent was officially handed over to the European Commission.

Main photo source: TVN24

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