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Remote work. Are Poles afraid of returning to offices? Test results and report

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Remote work for many is a new norm, which can be difficult to give up. The report “Returning companies to the office and the COVID-19 pandemic” shows that some Poles working remotely are skeptical about returning to their offices – 44 percent of respondents declared that this perspective causes them stress and uncertainty, and 7 out of 10 respondents are not ready to return to stationary work.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that some of us had to change the mode of work from stationary to remote. Although for many people it was not easy to get used to the new reality, we got used to the performance of professional duties at home. So much so that now it is difficult for some to imagine a return to the former normality. These are the conclusions of the Dailyfruits report “Business Returns to the COVID-19 Pandemic”.


Back to the office – what do employees think?

The report states that 44 percent. of respondents working remotely feel stress and anxiety when they hear about the planned return to the office. Indifference to this perspective is declared by 18 percent. people, while the relief associated with returning to the office felt 16 percent. respondents. The stress that accompanies many employees who slowly say goodbye to their home office is due to fear for their own health and the lack of a sense of security.

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Due to this fear, 7 out of 10 respondents working remotely and 6 out of 10 working hybrids declare they are not ready to return to the office. Among the biggest barriers, the respondents mentioned the inconvenient commuting, as well as the fact that they got used to working remotely and in recent months they have developed a new routine that they do not want to change drastically. Another reason for the skepticism of employees are problems with organizing childcare. Parents do not know how nurseries, kindergartens and schools will operate.


Almost half of the respondents consider the possibility of working in a hybrid model, which involves the division of the week into days of remote and stationary work. Although 21 percent. of the respondents believe that hybrid work is not a good solution, a positive attitude to this model prevails among all respondents. Employees returning to the offices know what would sweeten them the difficult stage of adapting to the new reality. As much as 65 percent employees would like to receive a gift from the boss on this occasion.

As explained in the report, the survey was conducted through telephone interviews with decision makers in companies – HR directors and specialists, management staff (250 interviews) and through an online survey for company employees (502 surveys among respondents aged 18-65).

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