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Russia. Alexei Navalny’s associates: the administration of the penal colony in Pokrov threatens to force him to feed

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The administration of the penal colony in Pokrov, where Alexei Navalny is serving a 2.5-year prison sentence, threatens to force-feed him, the Reuters agency reported, citing the opposition activist’s associates. Navalny goes on a hunger strike, demanding the care of a trusted doctor.

“Seeing the serious effects of the hunger strike, the administration (of the penal colony) is threatening every day that he will be force-fed. Alexei has also been transferred back from the medical section to the cell. The doctor is still not allowed to see him” – reported on Monday on Twitter Alexei Navalny, led by his co-workers.


Tempestuous he announced a hunger strike in late March, demanding that doctors see it, but not prisoners, but those they trust. The opposition activist’s associates reported that he suffers from severe back and leg pains. They also reported that since he was transferred to the penal colony in Pokrov (Volodymyr Oblast), he had already lost 15 kilograms. “Current information about Navalny’s fast: his weight is 77 kg (minus 8 kg since the beginning of the fast and minus 15 kg since his arrival in the colony), blood pressure 94/76, average heart rate 106” – reported the opposition activist’s colleagues.

“We cannot stand aside when someone is poisoned and tortured in front of the whole country, not allowing doctors to treat him. We have demanded and will demand appropriate medical care for Alexei Navalny,” the independent Russian trade union Alliance of Physicians reported on Monday.

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A few days ago, on Navalny’s Instagram, information was published that “they are planting sweets for him in prison”. “You know what turned out to be the most important thing in the first phase of the prison hunger strike? Checking the pockets. There are candy thrown there. The first one was found during the searches and immediately an ironic smile: What is it, candy? From that moment, before I put on anything, I search the pockets” – given in the entry.

Main photo source: instagram.com/navalny

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