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Russia. Ivan Zhdanov on the state of Alexei Navalny after recognizing his structures as extremist

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Alexei Navalny is in much better shape now. However, every time he receives news, he claims he is shocked, Ivan Zhdanov, head of the Foundation for Fighting Corruption Navalny, recently recognized by a Moscow court as “extremist”, told Moscow Echo Radio.

Alexei Navalny is surprised by what is happening, he tries to keep up to date with everything, he gives legal advice to lawyers (the opposition activist is a lawyer by education – ed.). Overall, everything is fine, said Ivan Zhdanov in Friday’s interview with Echo of Moscow, when asked how a Kremlin critic reacted to the court’s decision to recognize Navalny’s structures as “extremist”.


Wednesday night The Moscow City Court has approved the prosecutor’s request on recognizing the Foundation for Combating Corruption (FBK), staffs established in regions of Russia, and the Foundation for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights as such organizations. The session on this matter lasted 13 hours.

The court’s decision means that Navalny’s structures cannot carry out financial transactions, post on social networks and distribute any information. Moreover, their members are prohibited from participating in elections and organizing mass actions.

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Referring to the court’s decision, Ivan Zhdanov said that the opposition’s circle would seek new and safe ways of financing their activities. The activist talked about the money saved that would allow Navalny’s structures to function for some time before the donors appeared. When asked about the foundation’s assets, he replied that it had been estimated at “minus 75 million rubles” as such an amount had been blocked a month ago. Computers and other equipment were confiscated in the offices during the search.

Navalny’s attorneys before a court to decide on the recognition of FBK as an extremist organization MAXIM SHIPENKOV / PAP / EPA

Subject of discussion

When asked if Navalny’s associates would register similar structures outside Russia, Zhdanov replied. – All employees terminated the contract directly with the Foundation for Combating Corruption and all organizations recognized as extremist. But to collect donations, we will probably need some form of structure. I am not ready to reveal the details now as it is still under discussion, he said.

The Moscow prosecutor’s office asked for Navalny’s structures to be recognized as extremist organizations. She claimed that the associates of the arrested opposition activist wanted to “create conditions for changing the foundations of the constitutional order, including using the” color revolution “scenario.

The blow against the Foundation for Combating Corruption is not the last one, say Russian analysts. They expect new criminal cases, arrests and mass campaigns against bloggers. – We are already observing the campaign disciplining the blogosphere. It is important for the authorities to suppress the channels and causes of the mobilization of protests. This is what they are doing now, explained Moscow political scientist Kirill Rogov.

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