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September. Four people died, the prosecutor’s office completed an investigation into mushroom pickers

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No one will be charged with the manslaughter and immediate danger of losing the health or life of four people from Września. It is about the inhabitants of one of the estates who died after eating mushrooms.

The prosecutor’s office discontinued the investigation the death of four people who poisoned themselves with mushrooms. The tragic event took place six months ago in Września (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The first findings showed that four inhabitants of the Tysiąclecia estate were to be poisoned by mushrooms from the same source. Some bought them, others got them for free. The case was investigated by the police and the prosecutor’s office. The officers established the data of two mushroom pickers. Both claimed that they chose only green geese.

Now it is known that neither of them will be charged.


During the investigation it was found that sisters Felicja M. and Halina B. got poisoned by the toadstool. – In this case, it was found that the cause of death of both women was multi-organ failure. This thread was discontinued due to the lack of evidence confirming that the women were poisoned by mushrooms from these two men – says Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

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The second thread concerned the deaths of Bożena S. and Marek S. – Here it has not been possible to confirm in any way that the consumption of mushrooms could have contributed to their deaths. Due to the lack of data, this thread was also discontinued. The 70-year-old was not dissected because the family had already decided to cremate, adds Wawrzyniak.

Therefore, in the behavior of both mushroom pickers, the prosecutor’s office did not find that the aggrieved would be killed intentionally or unintentionally.

Main photo source: wikipedia, Archenzo (CC BY-SA)

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