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Slovakia: end of fatal accident investigation. Three Poles have accusations

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The investigation into the fatal accident in which the 57-year-old Slovak was killed is to be completed within a few weeks. The man was driving with his family when luxurious cars with Polish license plates appeared in front of them, racing at irregular speeds. One of them collided head-on with the 57-year-old’s Skoda. Three Poles have the status of suspects in this case.

Investigation in the case about which on tvn24.pl we wrote many times is run by the police under the supervision of the national (provincial) public prosecutor’s office in Žilina. Its representative, Martin Kokles, said it is “90 percent complete.” The indictment against the three Poles is to be brought to court within a few weeks.

“The main part of the investigation is complete, but there is a need to specify, inter alia, some aspects of the damage and its compensation,” says prosecutor Kokles.

The missing element is the enumeration of any compensation that may be claimed by the victims. Calculating the amount of possible compensation related to the damage, the prosecutor’s office – as Martin Kokles points out – must be prepared for the court.


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– We cannot use the amounts taken from the ceiling in court. They must be calculated and documented, said Kokles, adding that the work of forensic experts was dragging on due to the pandemic.

An accident involving luxury cars from Poland (video from 30/09/2018) Slovak police

Three suspects

In the preparatory proceedings, accusations of causing a traffic hazard and causing the death of a Slovak citizen, 57-year-old father of the family in the vicinity of Dolny Kubin in Slovakia, were heard by three Poles who were driving on Slovak roads on a tragic day. Marcin L., driving a dark Porsche, drove head-on into a Skoda in which a 57-year-old man driving from the opposite direction with his family was killed.

Accusations are also made by Adam Sz., Who was overtaking driving straight to the Skoda. Moments before the accident, he braked to avoid a head-on collision. Then a Porsche struck the rear of his car, which then hit a Skoda.

The third suspect is Łukasz K., the organizer of the trip during which the accident took place.

All three were arrested immediately after the accident. After initial interrogations and several months’ detention, they were released by the court after paying bail. As prosecutor Martin Kokles said, Slovak law stipulates that all three will have to appear in Slovakia after the indictment is transferred to the court.

Yellow Ferrari involved in the accidentSlovak police

“Later, after giving explanations in the court proceedings, they can ask for the rest of the trial to be held without their participation and to be represented by defense lawyers,” Kokles said.

The prosecutor added that without the pandemic and if the preparatory proceedings had not been conducted against foreigners, it would have been closed faster. As he said, the activities of the police and prosecutor’s office were controlled by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic, which did not find any shortcomings or delayed deadlines.

Rally on Slovak roads

On September 30, 2018, Marcin L.’s Porsche and four other luxury cars with Polish license plates were already on their way to Poland. Everyone was back after a weekend overseas. It was supposed to be – as the organizer, Łukasz K. encouraged before the expedition – a way to use “the remnants of good weather”. During the tour, Poles visited – as the organizer wrote – “picturesque places in Slovakia”.

The route taken by drivers from PolandTVN24

– At the time of the trip, the rule was “follow the leader”. It consists in the fact that all participants of the trip follow the organizer in the previously adopted order. The participants of the expedition should not overtake each other – a friend of the suspected driver, Porche, told us shortly after the accident.

Stefan, a 57-year-old Slovak, died seven kilometers from his recently built home. On that day, he was supposed to take his 21-year-old son to Žilina to study. The boy was sitting in the back. After the accident he quickly opened the door and leaped to the front of the car, where his badly injured mother was. Father was already unconscious.

The accident happened near the border

Main photo source: Policia Slovenskej republiky

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