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Supervisor report “VAT lie”. Jarosław Jabrzyk comments

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We journalists simply did one thing by checking the declarations that were made public. We asked questions, how much of this money was actually transferred to the state budget, how much was recovered – said Jarosław Jabrzyk from “Supervisor” on TVN24. – We had various data, but we did not really get clear data from the National Prosecutor’s Office – he said. He pointed out that in the statement of the National Prosecutor’s Office “there are many large numbers, but the most important information is missing.

On Saturday, TVN24 was broadcast report by Ewa Galica and Jakub Stachowiak “Lie vatowskie”. Journalists checked how the fight against tax crime looks like and whether the recovered money is actually used by the authorities to finance flagship social programs.


“We asked questions”

On Tuesday, the journalist Jarosław Jabrzyk spoke about the reportage of the “Supervisor” on TVN24 on “Get up and you know”.

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– The case is very simple. I think that each of us saw large signs on the billboards, “PiS took them from the thieves and gave them …” Everyone can write to whom they gave them. The implication is, of course, social programs – he said.

– In many statements at the rallies, the Prime Minister spoke about how he chased thieves, how he took away billions from our taxes. The national prosecutor has repeatedly said that the chilling effect of his work will cause the criminals to bring the stolen money themselves and apologize for the fact that they have dared to raise their hands at all for the state cash, ‘Jabrzyk said

“The VAT lie”. Excerpt from the TVN “Supervisor” reportTVN supervisor

As he explained, journalists controlled the declarations that appeared in public. – We asked questions: how much of this money actually flowed into the state budget, how much was recovered. We were asking these questions for nearly six months, we were looking for answers to these questions. We had different data, but we did not really get the ultimate clear data from the National Prosecutor’s Office – he admitted.

Jabrzyk also referred to the accusations made, inter alia, by the National Prosecutor’s Office, which accused the authors of the report of “concealing” information provided in response to questions from the authors of the material. She also provided a lot of data, which – in her opinion – testify to “groundbreaking actions of the prosecutor’s office from 2016 against the VAT mafias”

– On Sunday, the National Prosecutor’s Office issued an education. There are a lot of different digits, a lot of big numbers, but there really isn’t the most important one – how many were received. Since it was received, this amount is somewhere. Whether she is embarrassed or if someone is afraid to say about her, I really do not understand – commented Jabrzyk.

– The National Public Prosecutor covers himself with the fact that security has been issued, but what is security? This is still virtual money, which is not in the state treasury – he said.

“I have the impression that the prime minister is referring to a completely different matter”

After the broadcast of the report, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused the journalists of “Supervisor” of spreading fake news. He wrote on social media that the authors of the material “made a daring and totally falsified attempt to discredit the fiscal policies of the United Right governments” and accused them of “creating a false image of reality”.

– We are not confusing anything, you are confusing the Prime Minister. If the prime minister has not seen the report so far – I have the impression from Saturday’s communiqué that he simply refers to a completely different matter, then I highly recommend him (…). Then he will know what we mean, what data we refer to – pointed out Jabrzyk.

Jakub Stachowiak on the reportage “Lie vatowskie”TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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