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Szczecin, Szczecinek. The court softened the sentence of Łukasz K., who raped a 13-month-old girl

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The Court of Appeal in Szczecin commuted two years in the case of Łukasz K. The man raped a child left in his care. The man will spend 12 years in prison. The judgment is now final.

According to Janusz Jaromin from the Court of Appeal in Szczecin, on Thursday, an appeal was passed in the case of Łukasz K. Man on December 3, 2020 He was convicted in the first instance for the rape of a 13-month-old girl for 14 years in prison.

– The judge partially allowed the appeal of the defendant’s defense lawyer and lightened the penalty of 12 years imprisonment – Jaromin informed us. At the same time, he emphasized that the case was pending in public and that he was therefore unable to provide the media with information about the reasons for the mitigation of the judgment.


Doctors informed the police

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The court also upheld the ban on holding positions and educational activities related to education, treatment and care for children. For 10 years, Łukasz K. is also forbidden to contact the aggrieved party or approach her at a distance of less than 100 meters. He is also to pay her an interest – PLN 50,000.

Just over a year old the girl with serious injuries was taken to one of the hospitals in West Pomeranian Voivodeship on September 9, 2019. Her parents brought her. The child was urgently transported to a children’s and girls’ gynecology clinic at Unii Lubelskiej Street in Szczecin, and the doctors informed the police about their suspicions.

Initially, two people were arrested in the case – the 32-year-old and his wife. They were neighbors and friends of the child’s parents. The girl was supposed to be under the care of K.

The doctors informed the police about the casetvn24

Pleas for a neighbor

The woman was questioned and heard the accusation, but from a different paragraph – exposing the child to immediate danger. However, already during the investigation, the prosecutors dropped the charges against her. As the spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Koszalin, Ryszard Gąsiorowski, told us, the woman then left the house for several minutes. Investigators concluded that she could not have predicted what would happen at home in her absence.

The 32-year-old was charged with the rape of a 13-month-old girl. – He confessed in part to the charges against him. For the sake of the investigation, I will not inform you about the details of the case, said Marzena Ludwiniak-Aniołowska, the prosecutor supervising the investigation.

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