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Szołajdy, Chodów commune. An indictment against an illegal chemicals dump

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The years pass and chemicals are still deposited on one of the plots in Szołajda (Greater Poland Voivodeship). Daniel U. admits that he stored pots with various substances, but claims that he did not know how they could harm the environment and inhabitants. Ignorance does not exempt from responsibility. The indictment against the 35-year-old has already been brought to court.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Konin filed indictments with the District Court in Koło regarding the illegal landfill in Szołajda (Greater Poland Voivodeship).

Daniel U. is accused of storing waste containing hazardous substances contrary to the provisions, which led to a direct risk of loss of life or health of people and resulted in a reduction in the quality of water, air and the earth’s surface. The prosecutor’s office also wants the man to be held responsible for the crime of bringing the immediate danger of a fire threatening the life or health of many people, or of great size.

– We sent the indictment at the end of May. The man admitted that he organized the transport of waste to his property, but claims that he had no idea what the composition of the imported goods was. He assures that he did not know what impact it could have on the environment and health – says tvn24.pl Ewa Woźniak, spokeswoman for the Konin prosecutor’s office. The accused is facing up to 8 years imprisonment. The court may also order a fine of up to PLN 100,000.


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“How to live, how to breathe when poison behind the fence?”TVN24

The 35-year-old heard the allegations in May last year. At that time, police supervision was applied to him. Nevertheless, the suspect went to Germany and no trace of him was found. At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the court issued the European Arrest Warrant for the suspect. On February 11, the man stayed arrested in Germany, from where it was handed over to the Polish services in mid-April. He is currently in custody. – For now, it will be there until July 13 – adds Woźniak.

There is no money, there is a problem

The problem with waste in the Chodów commune (Greater Poland Voivodeship) appeared in October 2019. On one from the property in Szołajda they were illegally stored without authorization. Nobody was suspected of the fact that trucks often entered the indicated area. Only later it turned out that in this way more barrels and containers with dangerous substances were transported to this place. Initially, they were to be stored in utility rooms.

– Only after some time, the residents noticed the excavator operator, who was covering the suspicious-looking barrels with soil. Then the residents notified the local government authorities, the police and other services. And when they entered the property, they discovered how much waste they deal with – reported in March Łukasz Wójcik, a TVN24 reporter who deals with this matter.

It is estimated that there are even 200 tons of harmful substancesTVN24

It is estimated that there is even 200 tons of such waste in Szołajda. Due to the poor condition of the containers in which these materials are stored, it can be concluded that some of the contaminants have long been released into the soil. Harmful fumes are also in the air. – In the first period since the discovery of this landfill, i.e. in October 2019, the equipment showed that only two harmful substances can be felt in the air. Meanwhile, a recent study in November has already found 11 harmful substances. They are all poisonous, corrosive, carcinogenic, flammable and explosive – says TVN24 Marek Kowalewski, mayor of the Chodów commune.

The chemicals have not yet been removed from the Szołajd area. The municipalities cannot afford waste disposal. The substances in the barrels include varnishes, wood impregnations, hydrochloric acid or a foaming agent for children’s shampoos. The commune authorities and residents are concerned that the substance may self-ignite at higher temperatures. Therefore, an evacuation plan was prepared involving over 120 inhabitants from several villages.

Main photo source: TVN24

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