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The Danish prime minister cried during a visit to mink farmers. “Their lives were destroyed” | News from the world

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On November 4, the Danish government decided to slaughter mink throughout the country. The order was issued in connection with the detection of coronavirus outbreaks on farms, including a new mutation that, the rulers feared, could threaten the effectiveness of the vaccines.

However, the decision was taken without any statutory authorization, as a result of which the minister of food, agriculture and fisheries, Mogens Jensen, resigned a few days ago.

Denmark’s prime minister on a mink farm

On Thursday, the head of the government, Mette Frederiksen, showed up at one of the farms near Kolding in western Denmark. “We have two generations of really skilled mink farmers here, a father and a son who in a very, very short period of time had their lives destroyed,” Frederiksen told the press after meeting the farmers.

“It was emotional for them and … I’m sorry.” For me, too, added the head of government, shedding tears.

Denmark is the world’s largest producer of mink fur. The industry with 1,000 farms employs 6,000 people. About 10 million out of 17 million mink have been killed so far.

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The western regions of Denmark also face the problem of minks “emerging” from shallow graves. Some of the minks buried in western Denmark began to emerge from the shallow graves. This is because gases accumulate in the corpse and cause it to swell. In the worst case, such an animal may even be pushed to the surface.

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