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The e-mail scandal of the PiS government. Waldemar Paruch and Tomasz Trela ​​comment

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It may turn out that a hacker from high school is behind it – this is what Tomasz Trela, MP from the Left, spoke about the so-called e-mail scandal in “Faktach po Faktach”. Former head of the government’s Center for Strategic Analysis, Professor Waldemar Paruch, mentioned that his private e-mail account had also been hacked in the past. – This is not a practice that started today or yesterday – he said.

Minister Michał Dworczyk after the information about the break-in was transferred to his e-mail inbox, he assured that the hackers did not attack “any information that was classified, proprietary, secret or top secret”. A week ago on Friday, the head of the prime minister’s office said that “they are still being conducted attacks on his family’s accounts in various communication channels“. District Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation after an attack on Dworczyk’s e-mail account.

The editorial office of tvn24.pl confirmed with officials from several ministries that both the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki used private e-mails from public services. They both avoid answering whether they still use private e-mail boxes to exchange business correspondence.

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On this week the statement was issued by the deputy prime minister and president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński. Citing information from the services, he said that “the most important Polish officials, ministers, and deputies of various political options were subject to a cyber attack”.

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The events surrounding email break-ins were commented on in “Fakty po Faktach” by the political scientist and former head of the government’s Center for Strategic Analyzes, Professor Waldemar Paruch and Tomasz Trela, MP from the Left.


Trela: It may turn out to be another installment in the cracked right

Tomasz Trela ​​was asked if he knew anyone from the opposition who had fallen victim to the recent hacking attacks. – I have not heard of such a case or situation. However, every hour and every day we learn that it is most likely some internal settlements in Law and Justice that led to the fact that Michał Dworczyk’s e-mails came to light – he replied.

– We learn that this is someone from the closest circle of Minister Dworczyk. From this à la great cyberattack, it may turn out that this is another installment of the cracked right-wing struggle, he concluded.

He recalled that Jaroslaw Kaczynski indicated that the cyber attacks were carried out from the territory of Russia. – And here it may turn out that a hacker from high school who broke into the private mailboxes of important Law and Justice politicians because he knew that they sent important state documents from these private mailboxes – Trela ​​suggested.

Paruch: balanced statements, because they can have consequences

When asked for a literal quote from Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński’s statement that the attacks were carried out from “the territory of the Russian Federation”, Waldemar Paruch explained that pointing to a specific country would have “consequences in international relations”.

The analysis of our services and the secret services of our allies allows us to clearly state that the cyber attack was carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation. Its scale and range are wide.

– These statements are balanced, let’s wait for the proceedings of the secret services. I suspect that we will not find out about most of these activities, because this is the nature of secret services – he said.

He further said that “the vast majority of correspondence in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister did not take place electronically, but by means of letters”. He assured that the circulation of such documents “is very clearly defined”.

– I would like to say that in the fall I was warned by the services of our state that my private account had been hacked. It was then secured in a certain way. This is not a practice that started today or yesterday – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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