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The pedophilia commission will present the first report. Which contains?

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Early next week, the pedophilia commission will announce its first report, according to a press release released on Thursday. The Commission stated that the eight-part document is nearly 300 pages long and contains, inter alia, the results of examining court files and recommendations addressed to state authorities.

The Commission on Pedophilia, whose full name is the State Commission for the Investigation of Cases Against the Sexual Liberty and Decency of Minors under 15, announced on Thursday in a press release that “early next week” the first report of its work will be published.

It was reported that it was nearly 300 pages long and “contains, inter alia, the results of examinations of court proceedings files and recommendations for state bodies, organizations and other entities”. “A summary of it is also being prepared,” he added.


State Commission for the investigation of cases of activities directed against sexual freedom and decency towards a minor under the age of 15PAP / Mateusz Marek

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Document in eight parts

It was emphasized that the report was prepared – in accordance with the Act on the Committee – one year after its members were appointed, on the basis of “eight months of intensive work of the office team”. The document – given – consists of eight parts.

“The first presents the tasks and positioning of the State Commission against the background of other public authorities and entities executing the judiciary. The next part describes the phenomenon of sexual abuse of children in legal and psychological and sexological aspects. The description is a theoretical introduction to the nationwide research on the problem of sexual crime in 2017-2020 to the detriment of children under 15 years of age. The results of the research are presented in the third part “- the committee said.

The condemned person received a “grossly mild” sentence. The motion for cassation on the initiative of the pedophilia committee was accepted >>>

In turn, in the fourth part “there is a description of actions taken by the State Commission in relation to reported cases, information on participation in criminal proceedings as an auxiliary prosecutor and on monitored proceedings and applications to the National Prosecutor”. “On the basis of the analysis of accepted cases, it was possible to identify problems in criminal proceedings, which was described in part five of the report. Then, the specificity of explanatory proceedings conducted in cases where the criminal record was statute-barred was presented in part six” – it was announced.

“Recommendations constitute the final part of the report”

As the committee noted, “in part seven there are described legislative initiatives of the State Committee and contacts with state entities, non-governmental organizations, churches and religious associations”. “The final part of the report consists of recommendations based on the conclusions drawn from hearings of the aggrieved parties, own research and the cases entrusted to the State Commission” – stated in the release.

The pedophilia commission has initiated an investigationTVN24

It was assured that the full content of the report would be public and that it would be published in the Public Information Bulletin on the committee’s website.

“Analysis and evaluation of the scale of sexual abuse of children in Poland”

The commission has informed about the work on the preparation of such a report since mid-April this year. At that time, a report was announced for July, which would include “an analysis and assessment of the scale of sexual abuse of children in Poland and an indication of the greatest problems and solutions, including legal and institutional changes”.

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The state commission for pedophilia was established by the Sejm on July 24, 2020. The office was launched on October 1 last year, from November 6 at its seat at ul. Twarda 18 in Warsaw. Its activities consist in helping individuals, as well as analyzing and assessing the current systems of assistance to the victims and punishing the perpetrators. The Commission has been accepting applications since November 24 last year.

Main photo source: PAP / Mateusz Marek

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