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The prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings against persons who disclosed the police officers’ data. “It’s a crime” | Policy

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The demonstration, organized on Wednesday by the Polish Women’s Strike, was originally supposed to consist of a blockade Of the Seym. Eventually the building was surrounded by police, and the participants of the demonstration went to Powstańców Square.

The demonstrators accuse the officers of aggressive behavior involving the unjustified use of telescopic batons and gas. The police refused the allegations that they only reacted to the aggressive behavior.

Women’s strike. Police about “undercover”: There was an attempt to pull out the truncheon

Later, photos and names of officers began to appear on social media. Inspector Mariusz Ciarka in an interview with the Polish Press Agency called it “irresponsible” and “scandalous” behavior. He also stated that the names and surnames of those policemen who did not participate in the activities during Wednesday’s protest. According to the inspector, the officers and their families receive threats.

The Warsaw Police Headquarters posted a recording on Friday showing the MP Left Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus. “The MP present at the place, after obtaining the name and surname of the policeman, passes them on to the protesters. The wife of the officer on the private FB has already started receiving hate messages” – stated the KSP.

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“Why do you skip what happened earlier and why do I ask for data? Fortunately, it was recorded by TVN24, and the rest by me. Your policeman hit the girl a moment earlier and knocked over the girl. -Wielgus.

Zbigniew Ziobro: It is a crime to disclose the names and addresses of policemen

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro issued a statement on Sunday in which he stated that “ensuring the safety of policemen, especially those who fight the most dangerous, most dangerous criminals, is crucial.”

Women's strike in Warsaw (18/11/2020)Former CBŚ chief about the police action during the Women’s Strike: It looks like a fight

The names and addresses of policemen are kept secret in order to protect against the vengeance of the criminal world. Revealing their identity is not only an unethical and immoral act, but most of all it brings to the officers a direct risk of losing health and even life. It also poses a serious threat to their loved ones. Therefore it is a crime to disclose the names and addresses of policemen

– said Zbigniew Ziobro.

He also announced that he had instructed the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw “to initiate criminal proceedings against all persons who made the names and addresses of the officers public”. “Freedom is a responsibility. Nobody is released from it and everyone bears the consequences of their irresponsibility,” added the prosecutor general.

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Włodzimierz Czarzasty explains the incident before the Sejm: This morning I found out that I had beaten a policeman


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