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The Sejm voted for the Reconstruction Fund. How clubs and clubs voted – results

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In the evening, the Sejm adopted a draft law on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision concerning the Reconstruction Fund. In the party vote, three PiS MPs and those members of the PiS club who are politicians from Solidarity Poland broke the discipline of the party. One member of parliament was absent from the Civic Coalition. We present the details of the vote.

Diet admitted on Tuesday night government bill on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision, concerning the Reconstruction Fund.

456 deputies voted. 290 voted for, 33 against, and 133 abstained.


Vote on the draft act on the ratification of the EU own resources decisionsejm.gov.pl

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From the club PiS 231 out of 233 deputies voted, 211 were for and 20 were against. Two deputies did not take part in the vote. Against – despite the club discipline – three MPs from PiS (Anna Maria Siarkowska, Sławomir Zawiślak and Małgorzata Janowska) and all the politicians of Solidarity Poland voted against. On the other hand, Marcin Warchoł, who until recently belonged to Zbigniew Ziobro’s party, voted for, and in February announced his run for the presidential elections in Rzeszów and his departure from Solidarna Polska.

>> “Zbigniew Ziobro is in quite a difficult situation today”

From the club Civic Coalition 128 out of 130 deputies voted. One (Franciszek Sterczewski) expressed his support, no one voted against. 127 deputies from the KO abstained from voting, and two did not vote.

From the club Left All 47 members voted. It was too late for 46, one – Andrzej Rozenek – abstained.

From the club Polish Coalition all 23 deputies voted. 22 was in favor, one (Jacek Protasiewicz) abstained.

All five deputies took part in the vote and supported the adoption of the law Poland 2050 Hanna Gill-Piątek, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Joanna Mucha, Tomasz Zimoch and Mirosław Suchoń.

From the wheel Kukiz’15 All four politicians took part in the vote. There were two for (Paweł Kukiz and Stanisław Żuk), against – one (Stanisław Tyszka). One abstained from voting (Jarosław Sachajko).

From the wheel Polish Affairs three MPs (Agnieszka Ścigaj, Andrzej Sośnierz and Paweł Szramka) abstained from voting.

Of 11 deputies Confederation all took part in the vote. They unanimously voted against.

Four deputies took part in the vote non-members. Three of them voted for (Ryszard Galla, Monika Pawłowska and Łukasz Mejza), one was against (Lech Kołakowski).

>> View individual voting results

Result of the vote on the draft law on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decisionPAP / Rafał Guz

>> This is how we reported on the session of the Sejm

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz

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