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The Sejm voted for the Reconstruction Fund – TVN24

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During the extraordinary session of the Sejm, the deputies passed the bill on the ratification of the decision that would enable the launch of the EU Reconstruction Fund. Before the vote, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appealed that “there should be no room for petty political calculations”. – Today it is Poland that matters most, Poland’s interests count – he argued. Opposition politicians raised many objections, with some groups still declaring their support for the act.

Diet on Tuesday, he dealt with the government’s bill on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision concerning the Reconstruction Fund. After 6 p.m., the deputies voted in favor of the ratification.

456 deputies voted. 290 voted in favor, 33 against and 133 abstained.

>> On tvn24.pl we reported on the session of the Sejm

The request for adjournment of the meeting was lost

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The extraordinary meeting started after 4 pm It was demanded by Koalicja Obywatelska (Civic Coalition) before the meeting. At that time, the group wanted to know the final version of the National Reconstruction Plan, the basis for launching the EU Fund. It was requested to complete the KPO negotiations with local governments.

During the Tuesday meeting, the head of the KO club, Cezary Tomczyk, submitted a formal motion to postpone the meeting “until the resolution on consent to ratification is introduced by two-thirds” votes, ie by a qualified majority, not a simple one.

– Today, one most important question needs to be asked: what is the parliament for? Where is the subjectivity of parliament that you have talked about so many times, which you have referred to so many times? – asked Tomczyk. – This situation we are dealing with is unique, because there has been a great betrayal of Polish local governments and people as regards the scope of the National Reconstruction Plan. And you did it together with PiS, dear Lewico. The Poles certainly did not expect this from you – he said.


Tomczyk submitted a motion to adjourn the session until the resolution on consenting to ratification in the 2/3 mode is introducedTVN24

Tomczyk from the rostrum was answered by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm and the head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki. – The consultations lasted two months. Parliamentary clubs came forward and participated in the talks. The Civic Platform (Civic Platform) was unable to decide how to vote. Now the chairman (Tomczyk) comes out and tells fairy tales that there was no possibility of consultation. You had the opportunity, you did not take advantage – he said.

The motion of the KO club was rejected – 177 MPs were in favor, 276 against, one MP abstained.

Ryszard Terlecki: The Civic Platform could not decide how to voteTVN24

Prime Minister: We must not waste the Marshall Second Plan

The Prime Minister took the floor Mateusz Morawiecki. He said Tuesday’s vote concerns “whether or not to adopt EU funds for Polish development for the next decade.” “This decision is one of the most important decisions for the next ten or twenty years,” he argued.

– It is about PLN 770 billion for Polish farmers, Polish families, schools and hospitals. We must not waste this chance. We must not waste Marshall’s second plan, he urged.

Morawiecki assessed that voting at an extraordinary session was an “most important and fundamental” moment. – And in this fundamental moment, there is no place for arguments. There is and should not be room for petty political calculations one way or the other. Today, it is Poland that counts most, the interests of Poland count, he said.

– This is a breakthrough moment and at such a moment I appeal to the entire High Chamber to vote in favor of this law – called the Prime Minister.


Morawiecki: “yes” to development and prosperity

– I appeal to all political forces: let us put aside quarrels and quarrels, let us put aside the logic of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. I appeal to all political clubs: let us proceed to this vote with a feeling of full responsibility for the fate of Poland, because the law behind these EU funds is an act on the Polish raison d’état, Morawiecki argued.

The prime minister argued that “this great work cannot be the subject of gambling, various tricks, juggling or political particularisms”.

– Let us once again say a loud “yes” to the development of Poland, a loud “yes” to the development of Poland thanks to EU funds. This is a great chance for a quick exit from the pandemic, a quick exit from COVID-19 – he argued.

The Prime Minister thanked “for numerous comments and suggestions” to the KPO. – Many, many of them have been included in the National Reconstruction Plan, so today it is worth emphasizing with full force that these are not some abstract European measures. These are funds that are to help Polish hospitals, schools, maybe hospitals in which someone from your family is treated. These are funds that will play a huge role in the advancement of Poland’s civilization, he said.

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Prime Minister Morawiecki: let’s say a loud “yes” to the development of Poland, to the flourishing of Poland thanks to EU fundsTVN24

Morawiecki: the demands of the Left are in the KPO, we took advantage of the comments of the PSL

Morawiecki especially thanked the Left, which – as he said – “handed over the most comprehensive document”. – That is why we entered into a very specific dialogue. This substantive dialogue with the Left resulted in the inclusion of several important postulates in the KPO. These postulates were as agreed in the KPO and were sent yesterday to the European Commission. We keep our word, he said.

The prime minister also addressed the peasantry. – I would like to thank the PSL deputies for their inspiration, for interpellations, and for various issues that have been raised. We also took advantage of these reflections. They also made the KPO richer today – he said.

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Prime Minister’s speech in the SejmRafał Guz / PAP

The booth to the prime minister: you were unable to convince your own political base

Next, representatives of parliamentary clubs and circles took the floor. Borys Budka, the head of the PO, spoke on behalf of the Civic Coalition. – Why are you attacking the minister of justice, friends and colleagues from Solidarna Polska so much? Why do you call them those who will act against the national interest? he asked the prime minister. – You were unable to convince your own government, your own political base, to make a decision to support ratification – he said.

Budka referred to the opposition of the PiS coalition partner, Solidarna Polska, against the ratification of the Reconstruction Fund.

Borys Budka: You were unable to convince your own government, your own political base, to support the ratificationTVN24

More information coming soon.

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz

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