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The US secretary of state talked to the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs about defending democratic values. Radosław Sikorski comments

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Seven years ago we were the main partner of the USA in promoting democracy, and today the US secretary of state has to pressure Poland to respect the freedom of the media or the rule of law – said Radosław Sikorski, former head of diplomacy in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He commented on this statement from the US Department of State after the conversation between Antony Blinken and the head of Polish diplomacy, Zbigniew Rau.

On Tuesday, the head of Polish diplomacy Zbigniew Rau spoke by phone with Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State. As the State Department informed, Blinken said during the interview “the expectation of cooperation with Poland on many issues in defense of jointly professed democratic values, including media freedom and respect for civil rights.” The communiqué of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned a number of topics that were raised by diplomats, but did not mention “media freedom”. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “during the conversation it was pointed out that the Polish Constitution uses a biological definition of gender and upholds human rights and prohibits any discrimination”. Additionally, “in the coming years no changes in the legal order in force since 1997 are not expected”.


Sikorski: Blinken’s words illustrate the scale of our fall

Radosław Sikorski, MEP, former minister of foreign affairs, spoke about the conversation between diplomats and Polish-American relations in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24.

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In his opinion, such words from the US State Department are “an illustration of the scale of our decline”. – I would like to remind you that in 2014, when we presented the Solidarity Prize for the 25th anniversary of the first almost free elections, the entire democratic world, including President (USA, Barack – ed.) Obama, came to Warsaw. We were the main partner of the United States in expanding, promoting democracy. Poland was an icon of democratization success, recalled Sikorski.

Today, he continued, “the US secretary of state must put pressure on Poland to respect freedom of the media or the rule of law.” – I cannot imagine a greater contrast – emphasized the TVN24 guest.

Sikorski: with Biden’s victory the concept of Kaczyński ended

In his opinion, after the victory of Joe Biden and the defeat of Donald Trump, “PiS politicians still feel orphaned, because they clearly would prefer Trump to cheat, change the result of democratic elections and continue to be president.”

– This implemented Kaczyński’s concept that Poland was to be such a nationalist-clerical dictatorship with the support of its bigger brother in Washington. This concept is over, said Sikorski.

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