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The Warszawa Główna train station is coming back | TVN Warsaw

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After more than 20 years, passengers will be able to use the Warszawa Główna station again. The first regional trains will stop there in mid-March, there are also plans to divert some of the traffic from the West Railway Station. For now, Warszawa Główna will only be the main one in name, because the station is – to put it mildly – modest: badly connected, without a station, with stairs to a non-existent footbridge. These are two platforms with shelters for 40 trains a day.

Finishing works are underway at the station on the platforms and on the track system. At the new shelters, wires are still sticking out, and the teams are installing the lighting. There are pallets with plates and piles of pipes on the sidewalks. – We are sure that these eleven days will be enough to complete the work – said Rafał Banaszkiewicz, project manager from PKP PLK during the Wednesday press briefing. The station is to be ready to handle several connections of Polregio, Łódź Agglomeration Railway and Koleje Mazowieckie.

– According to the planned launch of the station, on March 14, another station will arrive on the map of the Warsaw Railway Junction, which will enable efficient movement not only in the agglomeration, but also in the region by trains. Trains towards Łowicz, Sochaczew, Dobieszyn, Skierniewice will enter and leave this station, so about 40 trains a day will enable efficient connections – said Karol Jakubowski, spokesman for PKP PLK.

PKP project manager Rafał Banaszkiewicz explained that the modernization of the Warszawa Główna station is an element of changes on the cross-city line – We have constructed completely new platforms adapted for people with reduced mobility, currently from the Towarowa side. The platforms are covered with shelters. We have four shelters on each platform. As part of the investment, we have rebuilt and built a new track system and a new traction network. Behind my back you can see the control rooms, which will be helpful in running train traffic, so that our passengers can use it safely – he emphasized.

Railwaymen also boast that passengers will find at the station clear signage, sound system and additional information with timetables placed in showcases. The Kiss & Ride car park will be built on the Towarowa side. The investment will cost over PLN 87 million. Some of these funds come from EU funds.

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The footbridge will not be ready until summer vacation

For the time being, the new 350-meter platforms will only be accessible from the Towarowa side. Only in a few months, when the construction of the footbridge over the tracks is completed, will passengers also be able to get to the station from Aleje Jerozolimskie. Today only stairs are prepared at the end of the platform, they lead “to heaven”. Railwaymen explained that after the approval of the design documentation, corrections related to the footbridge were introduced, because its implementation interfered with the track works. They also assured that although it would be prepared after the station was launched, it would not affect train traffic, because most of the activities were planned for night hours.

– We changed the technology of the footbridge to the sliding method. So we start from Kolejowa Street towards Aleje Jerozolimskie. The works will be carried out at night. After the construction of the footbridge is completed, the shafts and lift cranes will be installed – described Banaszkiewicz. – We assume that it should be put into use at the end of June – he added.

There is no train station, but there is a museum

At the station, which will be opened after 20 years, there will be no station hall where passengers could warm up or buy tickets. – Our project did not envisage such a facility and there will be no railway station facilities – Banaszkiewicz cut short the questions of journalists.

When asked why the modernization could not be carried out within the 2019 deadline, he gave several reasons. – The first factor is the Museum Station (former Railway Museum – ed.). Before starting the investment, we did not anticipate the need to change the location and relocate the historic rolling stock, as there were completely different plans – said Banaszkiewicz. He added, however, that for PKP PLK “monuments are very important”, therefore it was agreed with the Museum Station to adjust the design documentation, which allowed for the preservation of this place. – People coming to Warsaw can see and take advantage of it right away – he stressed. Meanwhile, the new museum in Odolany, promised for years, remains a pipe dream.

Other reasons include “extended consultations with network administrators”, the aforementioned necessity to change the construction technology of the footbridge and to add a viaduct over long-distance tracks to the project. Its construction will ensure a collision-free passage of trains from Warszawa Zachodnia towards Warszawa Główna. PKP PLK reports that the stress tests have already confirmed the efficiency of the new facility.

Finishing works at the Warszawa Główna stationTVN24

Two platforms at the Western Railway Station will be closed

Banaszkiewicz explained that the Warszawa Główna station is of strategic importance in the context of the reconstruction of the Western Railway Station and other changes planned on the cross-city line. – From March 26, we are closing two platforms of the long-distance line at the Warszawa Zachodnia station, thus some of these trains will be introduced here – he said.

Railwaymen announce that they will inform about the details of the new traffic organization next week.

Main photo source: TVN24

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