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Turawa. Teenagers jumped on the roofs of police cars, took a photo of themselves

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During the night, two teenagers damaged the roofs of two parked police cars in Turawa in the Opole region. A photo commemorating their exploits was published by one of the boys on a social networking site, adding a vulgar comment to it. Now they face up to five years in prison.

On Monday, policemen from Ozimek received information from the local community about a photo posted on Facebook, showing two young boys posing for a photo on a police car. In the photo, the officers recognized the police station in Turawa, where police water sportsmen are on duty in the summer season.


– Marked police cars were parked by the building. A young man sat on the roof of one of them, while the other posed in front of him. The photo was posted online on Sunday night. The policemen played the surveillance video. It showed teenagers climbing onto the roofs of a Ford and Skoda, walking on them, taking pictures of themselves. The hooligan exploits were posted by the inhabitants of the Strzelce poviat on the social network, posting vulgar comments at the same time – says Agnieszka Nierychła, spokeswoman for the Opole police.

The teenagers posted a photo on a social networkPolice in Opole

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Property damage

It can be said that the teenagers have plugged themselves. The photo post was public, the names of both were just above the photo. And the caption: “Eats *** psy”. The officers did not have any major problems with locating the 18 and 19-year-old who – as it turned out – rested at Lake Turawskie during the weekend.

– Young people heard two allegations of property damage they pleaded guilty. They explained that they did not act deliberately, but when walking on the roofs, they had to take into account that they could damage them – says Nierychła.

The losses were estimated at three thousand zlotys. Teenagers face up to five years in prison.

A dented car roofPolice in Opole

Main photo source: Police in Opole

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