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Vaccinations. Timetable of pilot vaccination programs [Konferencja rządu]

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By the end of April, all those over 60 who want to be vaccinated will be vaccinated, announced Prime Minister Mateusz Morawecki at a press conference at the vaccination point in Skierniewice in Mazovia. The governmental plenipotentiary for vaccination, Michał Dworczyk, presented a plan of pilot programs for new forms of vaccination.

Prime Minister on Thursday Mateusz Morawiecki and the government plenipotentiary for vaccination, head of the prime minister’s office Michał Dworczyk visited the COVID-19 vaccination point in Skierniewice, located in one of the OSiR halls.


After the visit, Morawiecki and Dworczyk met with journalists. The prime minister announced that nine million vaccines will reach our country in May. – In April we have already confirmed about five and a half million and we are still waiting for confirmation of another, maybe even one and a half million. So it would be seven million vaccines in April alone, he said.

The head of government said that the seven millionth vaccine was administered on Wednesday. – By the end of April, all those over 60 who want to be vaccinated will be vaccinated – he said.

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>> See the report from the conference in Skierniewice

The Prime Minister informed that after the conference he would talk to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen – I will talk to her once again so that as many vaccines as possible come to Poland – he announced.

“It is of paramount importance to vaccinate those who suffer the hardest covid”

Michał Dworczyk reminded that the “ambitious goal” of the government is to carry out 20 million vaccinations by the end of the second quarter. “All volunteers should be vaccinated with at least the first dose by the end of August,” he said.

– To achieve this, we are introducing some changes for the second quarter. The most important thing is to vaccinate people who suffer the most from covid, i.e. over 60 years of age – he explained.

Dworczyk, referring to the additional half a million dates for vaccinations launched at the beginning of the month in April for people aged 60 plus, who had a scheduled vaccination date for May, said that 600,000 people were enrolled for the April dates. – Please do come forward, this is the only way to return to normalcy – he appealed.

– We have to be flexible in this process, because there are many variables. One variable beyond the control of the government is the delivery of vaccines to Poland. The second variable is the interest in individual age groups – described Dworczyk.

He also informed that on April 12, registration for the 1962 class would start. Over the next few days, subsequent years would be registered until 1973.

Year registration calendar from 1962 to 1973Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Schedule of pilot programs for new forms of vaccination

Dworczyk informed about the schedule of pilot programs of new forms of vaccination. – These are pilot projects, because today we are at the preparation stage – he stressed. According to this schedule:

April 15: The first drive-thru point will run
April 20: the first General Vaccination Center will be launched
April 23: Vaccination by individual paramedics and nurses will begin
May: Vaccinations in pharmacies will begin
May June: Vaccination in workplaces will begin

– The government has decided to transfer additional funds for the creation of general vaccination points. Widespread because this is the main direction in the fight against the virus for us. We want to ensure that Poles are vaccinated in the shortest possible time – the minister explained.

Main photo source: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

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