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Warsaw. A cyclist’s accident at Dworzec Wileński. The police and the prosecutor’s office are looking for witnesses

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Like every day, my dad went on a trip around the city. He was in very good shape and knew this route very well – says the daughter of a cyclist who had an accident at the Vilnius Railway Station on February 5. A few days later, the 72-year-old died in the hospital. The police and the prosecutor’s office are looking for witnesses to the event.

The incident took place on February 5 at about 12.00 at the intersection of Solidarności Avenue and Targowa Street, from the side of Galeria Wileńska. As the spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw-Praga admits, prosecutor Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, the case is very difficult, because little is known in it.

– The police were not at the scene. There was only an emergency room that took the man to the hospital. The prosecutor’s office was only notified a week later that the man died. We don’t have autopsy results yet, so we don’t know what the injuries were. The police secured all possible monitoring for this case – ensures Skrzeczkowska.


However, the investigators do not know what exactly happened on that fateful day at the intersection at Wileński Square. It is not known whether it was an unfortunate accident, as a result of which a man fell from his bicycle onto the pavement, or whether third parties and other vehicles were involved in the incident. However, due to the fact that the accident happened on Friday around noon in a very busy place, investigators hope that there will be witnesses.

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“Like he used to go on a city trip”

The man was certainly helping the victim. – But he did not see the moment of the incident directly, he arrived after the fact, so he did not tell us much about the case – says Mrs. Adrianna, the daughter of the deceased man, who also urges potential witnesses to report to the police.

The family wants to know the truth. He doesn’t believe there has been an unfortunate accident. – Dad used to go on a trip around the city as usual. He was in very good shape, he rode a lot and knew the route very well. So it’s hard to believe that he suddenly became ill. We know that something must have happened there – our daughter tells us. As he points out, my father was unconscious in the hospital after the accident, so it was impossible to talk to him. Then he died.

Witnesses of this tragic event are being sought by the District Police Headquarters VI and the Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw Praga-Północ. All people who know something about this incident are asked to contact the police.

The police are looking for witnesses to an incident that took place at the intersection of Solidarity and TargowaLech Marcinczak / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Lech Marcinczak, tvnwarszawa.pl

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