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Warsaw, coronavirus. They had covid, they wanted to get on the plane. Public prosecutor’s office: there are indictments

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The District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa-Ochota announced two indictments. According to investigators, both concern foreigners who, despite being infected with coronavirus, tried to board the plane at Chopin Airport.

Two such procedures were completed at the end of April. The District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa Ochota referred to the District Court for the Capital City of Of Warsaw in Warsaw for acts under Art. 165 par. 1 point 1 of the Penal Code, that is “bringing danger to the life or health of many people by causing an epidemiological threat or spreading an infectious disease”.

He was in isolation, he wanted to go to Tanzania

According to investigators, on March 24, James H., a British citizen, appeared at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. F. Chopin, despite the fact that he was aware of the coronavirus infection. And they add that the 48-year-old had previously tested for the presence of the virus in the body twice and was subject to mandatory home isolation. The man was going to go to Tanzania.

– During the check-in, Border Guard officers determined that the 48-year-old is listed in the system as subject to compulsory home isolation due to the positive result of the SARS-COV-2 virus test. Despite the obligation, the traveler showed up at the airport because he had not found any symptoms of the disease for several days, said attorney Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

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“He claimed the journey was extremely important to him”

On April 5, 43-year-old Rza R., of Azerbaijani citizenship, appeared at the same airport. – Despite the positive result of the test for the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus in the body and the obligatory home isolation to the airport for travel to Azerbaijan, which caused an epidemiological threat. During the border check, it was established that he was listed in the system as an infected person, the prosecutor told Skrzyniarz.

The prosecutor’s office notes that the 43-year-old pleaded guilty to the alleged offense. He claimed that the trip was extremely important to him, and since – in his opinion – he was in good health and felt no symptoms of illness, he did not check the test result and went to the airport.

– Both men have not been punished so far. For the acts they were accused of committing, they may be imprisoned from 6 months to eight years, the prosecutor reported. Skrzyniarz.

So far, the prosecutor’s office in Ochota has brought four indictments to the court against people who were infected with the coronavirus and tried to travel by plane. About 30 similar procedures are still pending.

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