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Warsaw. Coronavirus Vaccinations. The National Stadium – how to get there, gates, registration [Instrukcja krok po kroku]

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First, registration in the underground car park, then medical qualification and receipt of the vaccine at the right point at level zero. We explain what the coronavirus vaccination looks like at the National Stadium. – We don’t have to come earlier. The whole process takes several minutes, everything goes very smoothly – assures PGE Narodowy spokesman Michał Proszowski.

The point at the temporary hospital at the National Stadium is open every day from 8.00 to 20.00. This is where the registration and vaccination process for the coronavirus takes place. How to get to the point?

Public transport:

People who come on foot or by public transport enter the stadium via gate number 5 from the side of Wybrzeże Szczecińskie Street. It is quite a walk from the nearest public transport stops at the Washington Roundabout – instead of walking, you can wait there for bus line 902, which runs every 15 minutes and brings you to the right gate. First you need to register, so from the gate we go through the tunnel, through the glass door to the underground car park, where the registration is located.

By car:

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People who come by car do not need to use gate number 5. They go to the registration point straight from the underground parking lot. For motorists free parking spaces in the basement of the stadium are available. You enter the car park via gate number 6 from the side of Wybrzeże Szczecińskie.


Vaccination point at the NationalPGE Narodowy

Four queues for registration

At the registration point in the underground car park, four zones are prepared, the person is taken depending on the scheduled time of vaccination, for example: 12.00, 12.15, 12.30 and 12.45. At the beginning of the line, there is the flight attendant that you should show the SMS with confirmation of the date of the visit. After checking, the flight attendant directs you to specific time zones.

If someone came earlier, is not put on the queue. Must wait on the bench. – There are people who are vaccinated, for example at 4 p.m. and come at 10 a.m. Such a person then waits six hours, warns the press spokesman of PGE Narodowy, Michał Proszowski. – It is enough to come to the vaccination at the time you are registered for. We don’t have to come earlier, we don’t have to queue. If someone has a vaccination at 12.30 and 12.30 at the registration point, he practically does not wait at all – he argues.

Each of the four queues can accommodate about 60 people, because – as Proszowski informs – this is what can be vaccinated in a quarter of an hour. This is roughly 240 people an hour. – All those who have been signed up for the vaccination will certainly receive it. Even if they are late, we will look for a solution, a zone in which this person will be able to enter the vaccination – emphasizes the spokesman.

From these zoned queues one enters the registration point, where presence on the list is confirmed and a health questionnaire is given. This questionnaire is already filled in at level zero, where the correct vaccination point is.

Queues to the registration point are arranged according to the time of vaccinationTVN24

Vaccination point

People who have passed the registration process take the escalator or elevator to the vaccination point on level zero. There are tables at which to fill up health questionnaire. After completing the form, the number is given. After a while, it is visible on TVs. The teacher reads the numbers of people who are to prepare for the tests.

It awaits us first vital signs measurement; pulse and saturation. Then we go to the table where the doctor qualified us medically, from where we are going directly to the vaccination site with Pfaizer or AstraZeneca. Each person, at the time of registration, receives a referral for a specific vaccine. This cannot be changed at this stage.

After receiving the vaccine, go to recording point for the second dose. Next to it, there is also a zone where you can rest after the treatment. Each person receives a form confirming receipt of the first or second dose of the vaccine. After resting, you can go to the exit. – The whole process takes several minutes, everything goes very smoothly – says Michał Proszowski.

Vaccinations at the National StadiumTVN24

Well marked

The hospital authorities also ensure that people who come for vaccination will not get lost on the spot. – Everything is well marked, there are arrows, cards, flipcharts and banners so that everyone feels safe and that it is as clear and clear as possible – assures Iwona Sołtys, spokeswoman for the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, whose branch is a temporary facility at the National Institute.

Seniors who need the help of a guardian may enter the vaccination point with him (there can be only one guardian per one vaccinated person).

Information on vaccinations can also be obtained by calling the helpline on the number 989 or at point at the gate number 2 from the Washington roundabout between 12:00 and 16:00 or by phone 503 944 720 in hours 8: 00-20: 00.

He also takes him to the vaccination point at the National Stadium free bus line no.902.

The route of the line 902WTP

Main photo source: TVN

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