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Warsaw. Cutting down trees in front of the Palace of Culture and Science

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Six handsome trees have disappeared from the Palace of Culture and Science. As a spokeswoman for the town hall explains, the logging was related to the construction of the TR Warszawa theater. She also pointed to the poor condition of the trees.

After the trees that grew on Plac Defilad from the side of Marszałkowska Street, there are only remains – trunks several dozen centimeters wide. Karolina Gałecka, a spokeswoman for the town hall, reported that the logging was carried out on March 10 and 11, in accordance with the decision of the Greenery Board. – TR Warszawa Theater and the Museum of Modern Art have cut four silver maples and two trees growing on the property at Plac Defilad 1 – she confirmed.

She also recalled that in January The building permit for TR Warszawa has become final. The theater will be part of a cultural complex of two L-shaped buildings. The construction of the larger one – the Museum of Modern Art – is underway. The construction of the TR Warszawa headquarters (closer to the Palace of Culture and Science) was delayed mainly by problems with the ownership of some of the plots on which the building will be erected. So far, no contractor has been selected. This year’s budget is planned for the investment about one and a half million zlotysmainly for installation spacers.

– The theater has started the next stage of the investment at Plac Defilad, i.e. the reconstruction of the water supply pipe and the removal of the collision of the existing external water supply system (the water-spray network of the Palace of Culture and Science), which is being implemented by the Warsaw City Development Authority – indicated the official.

Grounds? Collision with the theater and the condition of the trees

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The logging was to be one of the parts of the preparations for the implementation of the proper investment – apart from the construction of an access road by the Board of Municipal Road Investments or construction of a sidewalk and a path conducted by the Municipal Roads Authority.

– It was made due to a collision with the planned investment of the theater, and also due to the poor condition of four trees and the threat they posed to the immediate surroundings. Their condition deteriorated from month to month, and the care treatments were not enough to keep the trees in good condition and not to endanger the safety of passers-by. At any time, under the influence of weather conditions – wind, heavy downpour, storm or the weight of snow – tree crowns could break – explained Karolina Gałecka.

Finally, she assured that new trees would appear as part of the “compensatory plantings”. Not on the Defilad Square itself, but on the other side of Świętokrzyska Street – on Major Bolesław Kontrym “Żmudzin”. Until the end of November, the piece of greenery at Zielna street will be enriched with nine trees and 68 square meters of shrubs.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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