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Warsaw. He blocked the driver on an alley in Park Bródnowski. He was called on

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The subcontractor of the renovation of the city park cursed and then set off in the car on the pedestrian, who pointed out to him that he was driving along the park alley – this is how the video posted on the Internet shows. The police are dealing with the matter. – In the recording we can see that, unfortunately, there has been an unnecessary escalation of emotions on both sides – emphasizes the spokesman of the Targówek district office.

The revitalization of water reservoirs is ongoing in Bródnowski Park. The main alley has been used by vehicles to the construction site for several weeks. Such a goal was also indicated by the driver of an orange Toyota with a caravan, which was recorded at the end of January by one of the administrators of the Stop Cham Warszawa channel on YouTube. There was a penal argument between the men. – Come aside, man, I’m going to these cars. Spier… .. aside, I have to get there, to the cars! What do you not understand? Don’t you understand Polish words? shouted the furious driver, stopped in the park alley. – Please, please, go … .. You understand, sucker ?!

“I’m renovating this park”

When the recorder of the whole situation replied that he would not leave, the driver started to attack him. The filmmaker reacted with a punch on the mask. The driver got out of the car. The row continued. – You’re driving a motor vehicle in the park – said the man behind the camera. – Well, so what? Who you are? A policeman, city guard? Did you record me? Now call the police and argue…! the driver yelled. He got into the car and started walking again towards the pedestrian who was still not leaving the alley. Then he got out and started poking him. – Come on over. I have to pass. I’m at work and I’m renovating this park – he shouted.

Eventually, he moved the Toyota a few more times towards the author of the recording, finally forcing him to step aside.

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A row in the Bródnowski ParkStop Cham Warszawa / YouTube

“This pathology must be curtailed”

Only services, such as the police, municipal police or ambulance services, are allowed to ride along park alleys and sidewalks. The exceptions are situations when the alley is the only access road to the construction site, but the driver must then have an authorization from the district office.

The contractor for the works in Park Bródnowski informed us a few weeks ago – during the previous row in the same place – that his vehicles had logos and “construction vehicle” identifiers. But you can’t see anything like that behind the orange Toyota window. We asked if the car belonged to the Ziel-Bud company. – The man in the film is not an employee of our company, but the owner of a security company we rent. This man delivered a trailer visible in the video for his employees protecting the investment area – Wojciech Rukat from the Ziel-Bud company informed us.

He also assured that the man had a pass authorizing him to enter the park. – He received an appropriate reprimand from us and was informed that this type of behavior will not be tolerated anymore – Rukat assured.

A caravan at the construction site in Bródnowski ParkUD Targówek

The author of the recording told us in turn that he reported the matter to the police. – This pathology needs to be curtailed because soon someone will be run over by a reversing 15-ton truck. If there is an elderly person nearby, a person on crutches, in a wheelchair or blind – it will result in a tragedy, he noted.

– The case was transferred to the Road Traffic Department and it will be investigated there – confirmed Irmina Sulich from the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

“There has been an unnecessary escalation of emotions”

We showed the film to the spokesman of Targówek, Rafał Lasota. – The recording shows that, unfortunately, there has been an unnecessary escalation of emotions on both sides – emphasizes the spokesman in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. – If someone notices a malfunction on the part of the contractor, please report it to the district office, not to the media. We are able to force the contractor to behave appropriately. Our investment department deals with this. The inspector who takes care of this investment checks every day what is happening on the spot. It also has the option to take action against the executive company when it comes to irregularities. And if it does not work, there are also our lawyers and mayors – Lasota announces.

In an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl, the spokesman assured that the recording will be forwarded to the investment department, and its employees will clarify the situation and determine whether the driver was authorized to enter the park. – The renovation company has to get to the place of work somehow. Unfortunately, there is no other way, and the works take place in the center of the park. Of course, the park could be closed, but we found it a bad solution. Employees were warned that they were to move around the park at a minimum speed and were obliged to pay attention to pedestrians – emphasizes Lasota.

Main photo source: Stop Cham Warszawa / YouTube

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