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Warsaw. Pizza delivery man got a parking ticket, beat the controller

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The aggressive driver attacked the controller of the Municipal Roads Authority, who wanted to issue him a ticket for the lack of a parking fee. The controller was taken to the hospital. However, the driver himself reported to the police.

The incident took place on April 29, around 3 p.m. at Inflancka Street. Two ZDM inspectors issued a ticket after noticing that one of the cars did not have a valid ticket. Then the driver showed up. “The man, after a short exchange of opinions, approached our employee and kicked him in the shoulder. After a while he took a wooden square timber from the car and hit the controller in the head with it, and then drove away” – informed ZDM in a press release.

The controller was taken to the hospital, where he was treated.

The man who attacked the controller turned out to be a pizza delivery man. Krewki, the driver himself responded to the command. – He’s already been questioned. We are currently waiting for the opinion of an expert doctor to determine the nature of the injuries suffered by the victim – said Robert Szumiata, a press officer of the downtown police, quoted in the release.

ZDM representatives have announced that the case will go to court. “The Municipal Roads Authority consistently condemns such behavior. Nothing justifies neither verbal or physical attacks on another human being, let alone an employee on duty. Our auditors are not subject to additional legal protection as public officials, they must pursue their rights on a private prosecution” – we read in the announcement.

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ZDM reminds that in recent years there have been similar attacks on SPPN controllers. In January 2017, an aggressive driver not only beat the controller, but also took the terminal to control the charges and the telephone from him. In August 2018, the driver hit the controller. “The perpetrators faced severe consequences of their behavior – a fine and coverage of court costs, and in the second case also the payment of PLN 1,000 in excess for the aggrieved party” – reported the ZDM.

Offensive comments are commonplace

Five years ago, ZDM paid attention to attacks on controllers. A slap in the face, a deliberate hit with a car, a heavy battery – these are the worst incidents from a long list of what inspectors experience at work. Insults and insults, as officials admit, are commonplace. Such a picture emerges from the film prepared by the Municipal Roads Authority, which decided to remind drivers about the principles of culture and that the inspectors only do their job.

“Control Yourself” campaign spot ZDM

Main photo source: ZDM

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