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Warsaw. Protest in front of the Israeli embassy. Detained Grandma Kasia

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The police intervened during the Saturday demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Ochota, Warsaw. Several people were detained, including an activist known as Grandma Kasia. The video shared by OKO.press shows that there were scuffles with the officers. The spokesman of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, Commissioner Sylwester Marczak, said that 14 people had been identified and seven were detained.

Saturday’s protest took place in front of the Israeli embassy on Krzywickiego Street. Its participants expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and opposed Israeli air strikes and artillery strikes in the Gaza Strip.

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The police intervened during the demonstration in Warsaw. The course of this situation was shown in the account of OKO.press on Facebook. The video, the first four minutes of which is muted, shows several people surrounded by officers. Among them is an activist known as Grandma Kasia. At some point, the policeman wants to lead one of the people out of the cordon, which is not allowed by the three women standing next to her. There is a struggle.

The confusion in the cordon ends with several people being overpowered by policemen and handcuffed. The video shows them lying on the ground and being held down by officers.

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KSP: 14 people were identified, seven were detained

The KSP spokesman, Sylwester Marczak, told the TVN24 reporter about the circumstances of the intervention.

– In this case, the activities ended with the identification of a total of 14 people, seven people were detained. The arrests are caused by insulting policemen or violating the bodily integrity of policemen. But some people simply refused to provide their data, he said.

He specified that the violation of bodily inviolability consisted in digging. He also said that “the actions taken by the policemen were related to, for example, spilling paint in the vicinity of the embassy”.

He added that the police intervened against the person who allegedly committed the offense. – And as soon as the activities started, the rest of the people began to hinder these activities. Then there was identification, further difficulties and insulting the officer – continued Marczak.

KSP spokesman, nadkom. Marczak: 14 people were identifiedTVN24


Reason for detention: digging, use of offensive words

Commissioner Marczak also spoke about the detention of Kasia’s grandmother. – We are talking about the detained Katarzyna A., that is the person who heard the charges in this case – he said. Marczak stated that “this is a person who – in the opinion of the police – very often insults policemen and violates their inviolability”. – Hence, inter alia, the accusations made in many cases – he added.

When asked what exactly the woman did that she was arrested, Marczak replied: – We are talking, among other things, about digging, about using offensive words towards policemen.

KSP spokesman about the arrest of Kasia’s grandmotherTVN24

When asked about the emerging allegations of brutal police behavior towards detained persons, he replied that the principle was always the same, “it is enough to behave in an appropriate manner, to follow the orders of the policemen”.

KSP spokesman, nadkom. Marczak: it is enough to behave in an appropriate manner, follow the instructions of the policemenTVN24

Main photo source: Oko.press / Facebook

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