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Warsaw. Relax is back. Repertoire | TVN Warsaw

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After 14 years of absence, Relax returns to life. It is true that there will be no cinema, but culture lovers will be pleased that there will also be no shop or office building. The abandoned building at Złota will turn into a stage for performances, concerts and stand ups.

– I will explain immediately that there will be no cinema here, there will be a Relax Scene, which is a combination of various arts – Beata Kawka, head of the Artistic and Programming Council of the Relax Scene, says at the beginning. – I hope it will be a place that will be distinguished by a certain refinement, a certain style and class, that we will be witnessing broadly understood stage art here – he explains.

Here, i.e. in building at 8 Złota Street, which before 2006 attracted cinema lovers. Relax cinema was closed and the building went to a private investor. There were plans to put in this place pyramid-like object. The owner of the delicatessen Alma planned to organize a market there, but went bankrupt and the property was taken over by another investor. Company Relax Centrum wanted to build there a new, high building with offices and flats. But objections were raised by the capital conservator of monuments.

Ultimately, the property was placed under the management of a bankruptcy trustee. – The company rented the building from him, which in turn sought it to the company managing the Relax Stage – explains to us the legal status Marek Matysiak, director of SR.

And more about culture is mentioned by Beata Kawka, mentioned earlier: – I really want the Relax Stage to stand out by being a space for all artists. We want to be hospitable, we want this place to become important for people greedy for culture with a capital “K”. We hope to use excellent literature at all times.

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Serious shows and musicals

Stage managers have also revealed the theater repertoire, which they intend to present to the audience. “Jaskółeczka”, “The Secret of Tom Sawyer”, “Little Marriage Crimes” and “Subscription for Luck” are four performances prepared for the coming months.

The first title – by Tadeusz Słobodzianka – is a contemporary fairy tale inspired by the parable of the Argentine writer Jorge Amado “about impossible love”. The premiere is scheduled for August 15. “The Mystery of Tom Sawyer” will be available from 5 September. The musical, directed by Antonius Dietzius, based on the novel by Mark Twain, is intended to raise topics related to social acceptance.

The third premiere of the Relax Stage (August 29) will be “Small Marriage Crimes” by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt with Beata Kawka and Mirosław Zbrojewicz in the lead roles. It is supposed to be a play with elements of comedy, crime fiction and love novels. In turn, on September 19 we will see “Subscription for happiness”,

Then, the Relax Scene will invite viewers to another performances. The Polish premiere of “The Realistic Joneses” will take place in October, and the multimedia performance of Samanta Janas “Lulitulisie” in December. On New Year’s Eve and the New Year there will be pre-premiere screenings of “Sexmission” directed by Piotr Grabowski based on the comedy of Juliusz Machulski.

Relax scene in a former cinemaLeszek Szymański / PAP

Concerts of TikTok stars, stand up

There will also be a series called “Scena Relax tribute to …”, which will include concerts devoted to Alicia Keys and David Bowie. The second cycle is the vocal and dance show “The HA! Warsaw is Voguing”. “In our repertoire, there will also be a musical spectacle created by Polish teen idols called LILY Playlist. On stage we will see not only vocalists, but also the most popular Polish influencers from the TikTok application” – the organizers announce in a press release sent to the media.

Katarzyna Pakosińska, who will be the host of the two-hour “Elegant Satirical Evenings”, will also appear on stage. Artur Andrus will be her guest on August 13, and Zenon Laskowik on September 10.

The next series is devoted to stand up, led by Michał Pałubski, a former member of the Chatelet formation in Krakow. Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month. In August, Igor Kwiatkowski and Maciej Brudzewski will perform on stage (27.08). And on September 24, Ewa Błachnio and Damian “Wiking” Usewicz.

– It will be hard to compare us to other scenes. Our repertoire will be very wide: from plays for children, through comedy and more serious titles. We also want Scena Relax to really live 365 days a year – sums up Marek Matysiak.

The room has 598 seats, but due to epidemic reasons only 299 will be available at the beginning.

Source of main photo: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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