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Warsaw. The King of Boosters trial cannot start

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For the third time, the start of the trial of Jan S., known as the “King of Boosters”, has been postponed. Another accused was to appear in the court on Friday – Tobias N. However, the policemen failed to find the man.

The case of “King of boosters” was supposed to start on November 17, but it was postponed due to the indisposition of his defender. Also for this reason, further dates of hearings were dropped from the list. The trial also did not start on December 11 due to the absence of the accused, Tobias N., whose appearance was obligatory. Judge Agnieszka Brygidyr-Dorosz of the Warsaw-Praga District Court issued an order to arrest N. and bring him to the hearing scheduled for January 15.

The day before, he had sent an email to the court

The judge informed that policemen from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kędzierzyn-Koźle made a note on January 12, in which they stated that “despite the repeated attempts to arrest Tobias N., it was not possible to detain him”. Officers said that they had checked the homes of the accused’s parents. “The father declares that he is at his mother’s or on the street. The mother, that he rarely visits her and lives at his father’s” – wrote policemen from the KPP. Officers stated that “there is a possibility that the family is hiding the accused from law enforcement.”

January 14 at On July 13, from the e-mail address of Tobias N., the following message reached the court: “It is very nice to greet you! I have some important issues to convey to Mrs. Agnieszka Brygidyr-Dorosz. what message and what it concerns. The matter is very important to me, and responsible and serious with all my heart. With a noble punch line. Sincerely, Sz. Tobiasz N. ” – wrote the accused.

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Bonded handcuffs and a red dress

Attorney Anna Wilk, representing N., informed the court that she had not had contact with the accused since December. She then spoke to him by phone and declared his presence in court on January 15, 2021.

The court adjourned the hearing until January 25. The prosecutor Wojciech Misiewicz assessed his attitude as “disrespectful” and asked the court to consider excluding N. in the event of another failure to bring him to the hearing.

Jan S. was brought to the Friday hearing from the detention center in Radom. The accused was handcuffed and dressed in red clothes, which mark prisoners who are considered dangerous. His father Jacek S. and partner Paulina C.

Charges against Jan S., his father and partner

Pokuratura accuses Jan S. of committing 17 crimes, including directing an organized criminal group producing legal highs, providing psychoactive substances and selling psychoactive substances in the years 2014-2020, mainly through the online store “Predator-rc”. Jan S. will also answer, inter alia, for bringing a direct threat to the life and health of over 16,000 people by placing over 350 kilograms of legal highs on the market.

Police detained Jan S. in MilanówekKSP

His father, Jacek S., a lawyer by profession, was to lease a luxury Audi RS6 Avant Performance car for his son. The lease amounted to PLN 567,000 and was repaid by the user of the car, Jan S., although he did not have the driving license at that time. According to the prosecution, the father helped “Predek” (another pseudonym of “King of Boosters”) to hide the criminal origin of the money. The lawyer was also supposed to lend his son a mobile phone registered to his law firm and warn him by sending links with information about the amendment to the regulations on the trade in legal highs.

Paulina C., born in 1992, the partner and mother of Jan S.’s child, will be held accountable in court for the marketing of legal highs and money laundering. An officially unemployed woman with no property was to be Jan S.’s right hand man. It was established that C. repeatedly purchased jewelery, clothes and accessories for cash. She also paid for the breast augmentation plastic surgery, which cost 15,000 zlotys.

27-year-old Tobiasz N. is accused of setting up a company in the Czech Republic at the request of Jan S., which in fact was to be a launder of money earned on designer drugs.

Death of 16-year-old Filip

The investigation that ruined the empire of the “King of legal highs” began with the death of an inhabitant of Targówek in Warsaw. On September 22, 2017, the family found the body of 16-year-old Filip in an apartment at Malborska Street. The boy was sitting at the desk, he looked as if he had fallen asleep in front of the computer with his head resting on the table. Moments earlier, he shared his impressions after taking legal highs with his friends via the communicator.

On the corpse, forensic technicians found drugs described as “BUC” and other psychotropic substances. Transaction history from his bank account shows that he bought boosters from “Predator-rc” six times. He sent the money to the accounts of people associated with “Predek”.

The prosecutor’s office found that the 16-year-old was struggling with depressive disorders and was undergoing treatment. He boasted about the use of legal highs to his peers who knew that he was “testing” dangerous drugs. Filip died as a result of poisoning with the fentanyl contained in “BUCs”. After his death, several unclaimed parcels were revealed in the sorting office of the courier company, sent from the sender with fictitious data. The packages found, among others BUC-3 and BUC-8.

The man was referred to as “the king of boosters”KSP

Income up to PLN 45,000 a day

The prosecutor’s office found that the money from clients was transferred to the account of a Ukrainian citizen and then paid at a gas station near Brwinów or Dobra in Warsaw. This is how we managed to locate the “legal highs distribution center”. Several dozen kilograms of psychoactive substances were secured on the spot, including bags from “BUC-3” and “BUC-8”, scales, packaging and computers with graphics and descriptions of 198 substances sold via the “Predator-rc” website. “Predka” cousins, Dominik G. and Patryk G., worked on the portioning and packing of designer drugs. Their explanations show that the revenues of “Predator-rc” range from several to 45 thousand zlotys a day. They themselves received 700-800 zlotys per day.

Several parcels of NPS from the Netherlands were seized. It was found that only through one of the courier companies “Król Dopalaczy” ordered 700 kilograms of the substance, and placed orders from a Chinese distributor for 100-kilogram deliveries of substances and precursors for the creation of legal highs. The value of one order was over $ 100,000. Parcels came, among others to the address of the virtual office of the company founded in 2016 by Jan Krzysztof S.

16 thousand customers from different countries

The prosecution found that the money from the NPS trade was immediately withdrawn or transferred between accounts and went to Jan S.’s Dutch or Czech accounts and was invested in further deliveries from the Netherlands and China. At a later stage, the group increasingly used bitcoin cryptocurrency payments, which ensures the anonymity of transactions and makes it difficult to determine the amounts flowing through the virtual wallet.

Investigators have no doubts that the “King of legal highs” group has made their criminal activity a permanent source of income. The “Predator-rc” shop was the leader in the afterburners market. It was possible, among others daily promotions, encouraging you to buy more boosters for a lower price. Predator-rc was also looking for people willing to test new products that were to be shipped free of charge. He supplied stimulants to clients from Europe, but also from the USA, Australia and Mexico. According to the prosecutor’s office, 16,000 users benefited from purchases from “King Dopalaczy”.

Police on the details of the arrest of Jan S. TVN24

From March 2017 to May 2018, the store earned at least PLN 16.7 million, and the prosecutor’s office estimates that in the remaining period of the group’s operation, it could still earn four million zlotys.

After the detentions in 2018, “Predator” suspended its activities, informing customers about technical problems. It soon became known that in April 2018, Jan S. had organized at ul. Puławska, another afterburner “sorting” plant, closed one and a half months later. The men detained there described their work in detail.

One of them was to start working in the sorting plant while still a teenager. According to the prosecutor’s office, “King of boosters” intimidated subordinates and instructed what explanations they should provide in the event of police arrest. S. also assured them of proxies who, as the prosecutor’s office had determined, were to ensure that the suspects did not lead the investigators to his person.

The activities of the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa Praga-Północ coincided with the investigation of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police, which targeted parcels with boosters sent from China to the Netherlands and then to Poland. Only after the introduction of new regulations, which put the trade in legal highs on a par with drugs, “Predek” ordered 350 kilograms of shipments.

Death of teenagers

According to the indictment, the “Król dopalaczy” indirectly contributed to the deaths of 16-year-old Filip from Warsaw, 15-year-old Damian from Biłgoraj, 23-year-old Artur from Radom and two young Poles: Mateusz and Krystian, whose bodies on February 12, 2018 found in Rugby, UK. 18-year-old Bartek from Świdnik and Ania from Strzelce Opolskie were rescued in the hospital. Everyone got intoxicated with the fentanyl contained in “BUC-8”.

“King of legal highs”, after information about poisoning with the drug he sold, was circulated in the media, he changed the labels for BUC-8 to those which indicated that the product was unfit for consumption. Afterburners were officially intended for collectors or experiments. According to the prosecutor’s office, chemicals were distributed without reflection, without checking their composition, and often other chemicals than ordered were sent to customers. Placing information on the packaging that the product is unfit for consumption was to create the appearance of the legality of the activity, and thus lifting the responsibility of the perpetrators – believes the prosecutor’s office.

He was hiding in the Netherlands

The public prosecutor collected evidence that it was Jan S. who played a key role in the group, employed people, shared tasks and finances. According to investigators, he supervised his business even during his detention in 2018 in the Netherlands, where he had access to instant messaging in the penitentiary unit. From Jan S.’s notes, the prosecutor’s office learned that he was planning to invest in a Mercedes e63 AMG, a Bentley, a stable and a flat “on the pole”. In cash – PLN 196,000 – he paid for five luxury watches. For the rent of an apartment at Tamka Street in Warsaw, he paid PLN 11,000 every month.

King of Boosters was wanted by two arrest warrants, including the European Arrest Warrant. He hid mainly in the Netherlands. He was even detained there in May 2018, but the local court did not agree to his arrest and set another date for the hearing. Meanwhile, “The King” has disappeared He was detained on January 3, 2020 in Milanówek, near his parents’ house.

The second trial for the murder of the minister

On December 2, 2020, another trial of Jan S. was launched before the Regional Court in Warsaw. officers and attempting to pay bribes.

In total, Jan S. is responsible for 14 crimes. He did not plead guilty to the charges against him. “I understand these words, but the content of the allegations is absurd,” he said.

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