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Warsaw. They finished verifying the names of Poles who saved Jews. The monument is getting closer

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The plan to erect a monument to Poles saving Jews appeared in Warsaw 10 years ago, but the tender for its construction is not to be announced this year. Work on the monument was prolonged by the verification of the names of the people to be commemorated. The painstaking work has been completed, but the final inspection will still be made by the conservator of monuments.

In the second quarter of this year, the Public Land Administration plans to announce a tender for the construction of a monument to Poles Saving Jews During World War II at Grzybowski Square. According to the plan of public proceedings, the city found PLN 1.4 million for this purpose.


Tedious work with Polish signs

The idea to commemorate Poles who saved Jews is not a new concept – the city councilors made the decision back in 2011. And although officials initially argued that there was a chance for it already in 2015, the case was prolonged due to the long and tedious verification of the names of people who were to be on the monument. We wrote about this problem on tvnwarszawa.pl four years ago. Scientists from the Institute of National Remembrance called this process a micro-investigation – information had to be obtained from many institutions in different parts of the country. For this, you had to check the spelling of the surnames: whether they have Polish characters or not. However, the difficulties were not caused by the names themselves, but also the locations of the places where Jews were rescued during World War II.

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The process appears to be complete. “The verification and identification of the names of the people who will be placed on the monument was prepared by professor Grzegorz Berndta on the basis of the Polish Yad Vashem list, the Belarusian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian lists and the materials of the Institute of National Remembrance:” Facts of repression on Polish citizens for helping Jews “- said Arkadiusz Łapkiewicz, director of ZTP.He points out that the final verification of the lettering, the arrangement of the inscriptions and the manner of execution will be carried out by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments.

Banner with illuminated letters

The design of the monument to be erected at Grzybowski Square was selected almost seven years ago. The winners, Piotr Musiałowski, Paulina Pankiewicz and Michał Adamczyk, proposed a ribbon with illuminated letters that wrapped around a part of the All Saints Church.

As Arkadiusz Łapkiewicz informs, the project has not changed since then. – The main cubature part of the monument with the arranged area is to be located directly in front of the eastern arcade of the church. All the saints. The rest of it will extend along Wallenberg Street, parallel to the eastern façade of the church, the clerk specifies.

He adds that the monument will be made in prefabricated technology. – The names of people and families who helped the Jewish population during World War II will be placed on the surface of the building. The project provides for the illumination of the object – he emphasizes.

Main photo source: Piotr Musiałowski, Paulina Pankiewicz

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