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Warsaw. Thursday’s Women’s Strike before the Sejm

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The Thursday demonstration in front of the Sejm was calm, assessed the police. However, some of its participants sat down on the road and the officers wrote down the protesters.

“Vigilant in front of the Seym. We are looking at the hands of politicians” – under this slogan the Women’s Strike protested on Thursday evening at Wiejska Street.

The organizers did not provide the starting time of the demonstration until the last minute. Eventually, they met before 7pm. As you can read in the announcement of the event, they protested against the denunciation of the anti-violence convention, which they called “the de facto legalization of domestic violence” and the impossibility of public control over the prosecution’s activities.

“Youth protests”

Several dozen people gathered before the Seym. Some people from time to time entered the road and sat on it. They had rainbow flags with them, but also banners with the word “Constitution”. The order was kept by uniformed policemen who from time to time took the protesters off the road onto the pavement. Some people were listed.

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– Today the youth are protesting. The Shadow of the Fog, or a branch of the Women’s Strike, which has been operating strongly in the streets since October, and they were supposed to come because various things were supposed to happen in the Sejm. As it turns out, not much has happened, because MEPs apparently do not want to work. But we made an appointment and came here with them. As far as I know, the youth wanted to leave the constitution in the Sejm, because apparently it is not very well respected – said one of the participants.

The protest ended after 8 p.m.

As Jarosław Florczak from the press team of the Warsaw Police Headquarters reported, the protest was peaceful, but the police do not conclude it yet.

Main photo source: TVN24

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