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Warsaw. Veturilo from March 1. Over a thousand city bikes less, closed stations

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On March 1, the public bike system will be launched under a bridge contract for one season. – Some stations will change their location, some will be liquidated – informed the Municipal Roads Authority. In total, Warsaw residents will have over four and a half thousand two-wheelers at their disposal this year. Last year, there were over a thousand more.

As ZDM reminded, Warszawski Rower Publiczny is one of the largest in Europe. This year’s season, however, is a “bridge” pending modernization and expansion of the system. As part of the new one-year agreement with Nextbike Polska, the number of bikes and stations financed by Warsaw will return to the level of 2016. Based on the rental statistics, road workers also changed the locations of selected stations.


The start of the new Veturilo season is scheduled for March 1, but Nextbike has already started delivering bikes around Warsaw. 300 city bike stations will be financed from the city budget. In addition, as before, there will be separate stations for electric (10 stations) and children’s (six stations) bicycles. In total, 4560 bicycles will be available. Last year, 5,800 bikes were available, and the entire system included 398 stations in Warsaw.

Changes on the bicycle map of Warsaw

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ZDM also informed that due to the fact that spring is the beginning of the construction season, a number of minor adjustments will be made to the location of the station from its beginning. “A large part of them results from the necessary coordination with the planned works on the roads, including those related to the construction of new bicycle infrastructure” – explained the ZDM.

These stations have changed their location, and some of them have also changed their name:

Abraham – the Home Army chaplains to Bora-Komorowski – Abraham; African – Egyptian – change of location within the intersection, without changing the name; Bracka – Krucza on Aleje Jerozolimskie – Krucza; Bora-Komorowski – Umiński to Bora Komorowski – Fieldorf “Nil”; Bródnowski Park (Veturilko) – change of location within the park, without changing the name; Jan Olbracht – Antek Rozpylacz on Redutowa – Pustola; Klaudyny – Rudzka to Marymoncka – Podleśna; Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station – change of location within the roundabout, without changing the name; Potocka – OSiR Żoliborz to Potocka – Gwiaździsta; Romer – Staff on Nowoursynowska – Ciszewski; Skarbka z Gór – Magiczna na Świderska – Świętosławskiego; aleja “Solidarności” – Szwedzka on the Metro Szwedzka; Aleja USA – Ostrobramska – change of location within the intersection, without changing the name; Szembeka Square – change of location within the intersection, without changing the name, temporary change, the station is planned to return to its original location on the square.

Changes in Śródmieście

ZDM also decided to relocate the least popular stations in Śródmieście and to reduce the capacity of some of the existing stations. “This will allow to maintain the functioning of other selected important stations, which had a private sponsor in the previous season, i.e. Metro Świętokrzyska, ONZ roundabout, al. Jana Pawła II – al.” Solidarności “, metro: Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet, Aleje Jerozolimskie – Emilii Plater “explained officials.

For this purpose, the following changes were introduced in Śródmieście:

Krakowskie Przedmieście – Traugutta – reducing the station, dismantling one of the two terminals; Politechniki Square – reducing the station, dismantling one of the two terminals; Ordynacka – Medical University – liquidation of the station; Palace of Culture and Science – liquidation of the station; Aleja Armii Ludowej – Rektorska – liquidation of the station.

Liquidated stations in districts

ZDM also announced that under the new agreement, additional stations will not come back, the operation of which in 2017-2020 was financed directly by district offices under the option law allowing for the expansion of the system. This applies to 31 stations in the following districts: Bemowo (six stations), Bielany (eight stations), Ochota (two stations), Rembertów (seven stations), Targówek (one station), Ursynów (one station), Wilanów (five stations) and Włochy (one station). “This change was necessary to be able to start the Veturilo system this season” – stressed road workers.

Here is a list of closed stations in each district.

Człuchowska – Rozłogi, Park Górczewska, Powstańców Śląskich – Wrocławska. Azure – Sternicza. Radio – Wrocławska. Urbanowicz – Kocjan.

Arkuszowa, Bogusławskiego – the Połaniecki family, Kochanowski – Gall Anonymus, Marymoncka – Przy Agorze, Park Kępa Potocka, aleja Reymonta – Broniewskiego, Wólczyńska – Wolumen, Wólczyńska – Conrad,

PKP Żwirki i Wigury, Rondo Zesłańców Siberskich.

Komandos – Niedzialkowski, Niepołomicka – Chełmżyńska, Paderewskiego – Czwartaków, PKP Rembertów – Cyrulików, PKP Rembertów – Marsa, Rondo Fieldorfa “Nila”.

Łabiszyńska – OSiR Targówek.

Ursynów: avenue KEN – At Bażantarnia.

Opieńki – Maślaków, Park Kultury in Powsin, Przyczółkowa – Ptysiowa, Aleja Rzeczypospolitej – the axis Królewska, Sobieskiego – Nałęczowska.

Kleszczowa – Krańcowa.

ZDM also announced the launch of a dozen or so sponsorship stations, i.e. generally accessible, but financed by private companies. “A well-known example of a sponsorship station is the extremely popular station at the Westfield Arkadia shopping center (30.5 thousand rentals in 2020)” – road workers indicated. And they pointed out that Nextbike is constantly acquiring new partners for the project, which means that it is possible to launch new rentals in the spring on such terms. “Each of them also increases, of course, the total pool of bikes available in the system” – added road workers.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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